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Aferdita first visited the Trepca School in the fall of 2004. She met the students for the first time, in the shell of a building of an old English hotel. She documented the destroyed site where her own school once stood. During that trip, she delivered over 200 letters to the children of Trepca School, along with chocolate, some school supplies, and much goodwill! She also met with the Minister of Education, who committed to finding funds to rebuild the school. This is when the mission of 400 Voices began to take shape.

In January of 2005, Dita learned that the new building had been approved. Construction began in the summer of 2005 and Dita and 400 Voices Supporter, Bobby Wright, documented the progress of the new building during their fall trip that same year. During Dita's 2006 trip, she documented the construction of the interior, but still unfinished school. She visited the students of the Trepca School once again, still trying to learn in an old hotel building.

In 2007 she returned with friends of 400 Voices to celebrate the completion of the new school building and the realization of the 400 Voices mission. Eanes Elementary School Principal Ms.Cathy Miller and 400 Voices Supporter Bobby Wright joined with Dita, the students and school staff in a festive celebration of the new Trepca School in Stanterg.

400 voices realized it's main goal with the successful completion of the new Trepca School building in 2007. Ongoing support of the project will focus on cultural exchange through goodwill letters and artwork that we hope will continue to flow back and forth over the ocean.

Learn More - A Personalized Approach

Dita gives presentations to many diverse groups: school, civic, community and faith-based. If you would like to arrange for a presentation, please contact us.

How to Help

Currently, 400 Voices is accepting letters of goodwill and art projects for the children of Trepca school. Letters and projects may be mailed to:

400 Voices
c/o Aferdita Dauti-Heilman
923 Terrace Mountain
Austin, TX 78746