Frequently Asked Questions

As if you don't have enough to read/digest/incorporate into your lives, here's some info from the AO cyber office. Hopefully it will answer questions about the group and how we go about business.


How long has the club been around? We're not sure, but we know it started some time after Lewis & Clark got lost on that weekend camping trip.
How many members are there? That is hard to say. We no longer maintain a membership roster. You can join and look at the Yahoo list of members.
Are there regular meetings? Not really. We're a very informal networking group. As long as someone volunteers to host a potluck or any other function, then we get together.
How do we decide what activities to do? Any member of the group can lead or coordinate an outing/trip/activity and is encouraged to do so. Members' involvement works well for several reasons. Each person has his/her own idea of what is fun or interesting. Some ideas overlap, but the diversity adds a range of differing activities and opportunities. You may never have considered spelunking but George or Susan sponsors a caving trip and you really enjoy it. These diverse activities attract a wider range of people and spread group participation.
What do I do if I have an idea for an activity?

Bring up the idea in the Yahoo group (link on the main page). You should have the information necessary to bring the event to fruition (cost, dates, times, etc.). Post the activity in the AO Yahoo group and find out who's interested. If an emergency comes up and you cannot attend, you will need to find a replacement contact or call the attendees and cancel the activity.

I like certain activities but don't feel comfortable leading an outing. What then? No problem! Bring up your idea anyway and say you don't feel comfortable leading it but think it might be worthwhile. Someone else may be willing to work with you on the idea and bring it to realization.
I want to attend an activity. What should I do? Contact the person who listed the event. Even if you know where and when people are meeting, the contact will need to know you are interested so that you can be called if the event is cancelled or modified.
How are activities publicized? The AO Yahoo group is the primary means of disseminating information and allows people to plan ahead. We do not have a newsletter.
What gear do I need? It varies according to the activity. For example, you will need a tent for camping and nail polish for slumber parties (just kidding). The event contact will be able to tell you what you need.
Are there liability issues? Yes. The contact is responsible for telling participants of needed skills, endurance levels, possible hazards, etc. If the contact has reasons to believe that certain participants do not possess the requirements to safely engage in an activity, they will be asked not to participate. Furthermore, if during the course of an activity the sponsor feels a participant is being unsafe (to themselves or others), they will be asked to terminate their participation. Safety is important to us. Individuals need to exercise good judgment and common sense. Individuals participate at their own risk and with the understanding that trip leaders are not to be considered experts. Adventuring Outdoors and its individual members take no ultimate responsibility and disclaim any and all liability for personal injury or property damage associated with its activities.
How much does membership cost?

There are no membership dues.

Interested in joining? Just go to the main page and click the join button.
What is the average age in the group?

That is another question without an answer. We do not ask our members their age when they join. In some events we see college-age people as well as more seasoned participants.

Do you know of any women's group in the Austin area? Until March 2009, I had not heard of any women's group only. I have now been informed about the Austin Lesbian Hikers Yahoo group. Check it out.
Revised June 10, 2012