Austin Scuba Club FAQ

** What is the Austin Scuba Club?
The Austin Scuba Club is a 501(c) non-profit corporation dedicated to
promoting scuba diving among central Texas residents. The first meeting was in
June, 1998. We are a group of divers in Austin Texas who are looking for people to dive with.

** How do I get on the mailing list?
Send an email to

** How do I get off the mailing list?
Send an email to

** Are there any dues?

** What other social activities has the club done?
IMAX movies
Beach weekend
Round Rock Express Game
Tubing on the Guadalupe
Salsa Dancing
Wine tasting tour
Indoor Rock Climbing
Ice bats game
Lake Travis Lake Cleanup

** Who do I talk to about adding a question to this FAQ?
You can send an email to

** Who else gets to see my information?
Mailing list information is NEVER sold or given out in any way. Anyone offering a non-club trip, announcement, or service on our list without prior approval of the officers is tracked down and talked to in a very stern voice. Thankfully, this has not been but an occasional issue and is always dealt with quickly. We will post neat stuff from people that we like if we think it is of benefit to members.


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