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The Arthur Storer Toastmasters Club


August 11th, 2007

Meeting theme: Hot Stuff





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Baby Alex































































Our club's Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest date has been changed. We are holding our contest on Saturday, September 8th now. Let Rich Bassemir know if you would like to compete; sign up to help out if you’re not. And for heavens sake, come and bring a guest. Contests are a wonderful way to introduce friends, family and co-workers to Toastmasters.



Stephanie and Dennis are the proud parents of baby Alex, born the last week in July. Apologies, I do not have birth information, but Dennis said Alex is going to be a great Toastmaster because he's already demonstrating great vocal variety.



Welcome our newest member: Deanne Repich. She joined our club today. Deanne's business is We look forward to learning about her and this fascinating company. She brings our membership up to 26, just 4 away from goal of 30 members.



Did you know? You can view past newsletters online:

This is our clubs original website, and I have finally completed it! (It is up to date, and the blue theme and top banners are all consistent now!)



We may be changing our meeting dates. Come and find out what is in the air, and be there to vote on it!




Rich Bassemir was our Toastmaster today and the theme was Hot stuff. He laughed, explaining that when he signed up to be the Toastmaster he looked outside the window while pondering the theme and thought how darn hot outside. (By the way, he had also tricked us because he had put "Special Guest" in the Toastmaster role on our Duty Roster, so we were all wondering who this Special Guest Toastmaster was going to be!)


Bill Whisenant entertained us with "Summer in the City" which delightfully matched the scene. I noticed several of us were movin'and groovin' to the music. Brought back memories. "Hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck gettin' dirt and gritty, cool town, lookin' for a kitty, gonna look in every corner of the city . . . "




Speaker #1:  Jaime Roquebert: Speech#6: "Not a Vacation"


Jaime wowed us again with yet another fantastic, entertaining speech. He shared with us the recent nightmares he has experienced with air travel. The long waits in the terminal, in planes, at customs. And true to form, Jaime inserted humor that had us almost on the floor laughing. "I could have driven to Mexico and got there a day earlier."


Speaker #2:  Mary Montgomery: Speech #2, Interpretive Reading Manual: "Sir Galahad"


Mary Montgomery delivered an interpretive reading of Tennyson's poem: Sir Galahad. James Allen, one of our newest members, afterwards explained that he teaches poetry and Mary did an excellent rendition of Tennyson's style. It was an era of more serious poems, he explained, and Jeff was quite accurate when he described the feeling as melancholy.


Table Topics


Steve Montgomery came up with some real doozers today.


Today, our Table Topics questions were:


  1. Tell us how you spice up your food to make it hot.


Mario explained that Cubans don't eat spicy food, and his culinary expertise consists of frozen food going into the microwave, with some olive oil added.


  1. Tell us what is hot and what is not.


Debi gave us a wonderful Mary Kay sales pitch for both men and women.


  1. Tell us what the cat was doing on the hot tin roof.


Bill Whisenant, saying is was a stupid movie anyway, avoided the hot tin roof in favor of a/c.


  1. Tell us what is hot in your books when it comes to the opposite sex.


Rich said his taste has changed over the years. It used to be Farrah Fawcett; now it is Jill on Home Improvement.


  1. Tell us what it's like to touch an electrical wire or be zapped by radioactivity.


Jeff shared that he grew up reading about guys who did just that: one became huge and green, one was able to create spider webs out of his hands, etc.




Congratulations to our award winners:


Best Speaker: Mary Montgomery

Better Evaluator: a tie between Jeff and Bill

Best Table Topics: Marvel Man, Jeff Johannigman

Most Enthusiastic: Bill Whisenant


THANK YOU everyone for making this such a great meeting.
We hope to see you all at the next meeting, August 25th!