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December, 2007






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We are proud to announce that we had two new members join us recently: Charles Goforth and Cecilia Galliano. Cecilia is a returning member and we're glad to have her back on board. We look forward to hearing more from these two new members.

Since the beginning of our new Toastmaster year, July 1st 2007, we have added 9 new members. Way to go, Arthur Storer! New members are: Lipeng Cao, Charles Clack, Cecilia Galliano, Charles Goforth, Christine Ihorn, Eva Odima, Deanne Repich, Mark Victor, and Josie Zamora.



Calling all future Meeting Toastmasters:
We now have templates to assist you. Go to the Available Download section of our website and you'll be able to download a Meeting Agenda template which you can then fill in and print out to distribute. Note that the Agenda template is two sided. On the back side is useful information to help our Club planning.

Also on the site is a new Meeting Toastmaster Checklist, to assist you in preparing and fulfilling your role. I plan to create a General Evaluator Checklist as well, and welcome input.

Click here for Downloads, then enter your password.

Many thanks to those who helped contribute to making the forms that are posted.



December 8th

Another fantabulous Arthur Storer Club meeting. We had 1 guest who signed up. Cecilia Galliano is rejoining our club.


Charles Clack was our Toastmaster today, with the theme: Time/Calendars, etc. With his usual wit and style he had us in stitches by sharing how we can recycle calendars. "Did you know," he said, "that calendar years repeat every seven years? So next year you can reuse your 2001 calendar, by writing in important commitments in red ink." Then he showed us a Day Timer he plans to reuse, and chuckled that he won't even need to use a red pen and that year he must've done nothing. The book was completely empty.


At the end of the meeting, Charles brought us all much joy, along with reason for serious reflection. He shared that after four years, his granddaughter no longer requires oxygen life support. Charles then encouraged each of us to re-examine our priorities and make 2008 a year to devote our time to what is truly important.


We had two speakers this morning. Jeff Johannigman shared his moving experience of recently losing his mother. Jeff, our master storyteller, switched gears from his usual comedy to sincere tragedy, showing us once again that storytelling is a powerful took to evoke emotions in the audience.


Lark was our second speaker and delivered an inspiring poem for her project in Interpretative Reading. Those eyes that weren't wet already from Jeff's speech, were definitely wet during Lark's recitation.


Rich was Table Topics master today, and surprised us all by bringing numbered envelopes filled with questions dreamt up by his kids. There were some doozers too, such as: "What's your best pick-up line?"


December 29th

Stephanie Miller-Pu gave an entertaining, advanced speaker presentation from The Discussion Leader manual. She taught us all that we can draw, even if we don’t think we can.  We all had a lot of fun enhancing her original stick figure, and/or watching other members do so.


Charles Clack delivered a memorable Icebreaker Speech. Having completed his DTM some time ago, he is starting over! Today he shared “The Watchmaker” and tied in the heart wrenching yet heart warming story of his granddaughter with the bigger scheme of things.


Josie Zamora delivered her second speech and had us all captivated for her entire presentation. She shared the history of the ancient family tradition of Las Tamaleras, what it involves, and how she experienced it with her sisters and mother, annually. Then we all enjoyed delicious tamales afterwards.



December 8th

Jeff took Best Speaker award, and Mary Montgomery the Best Evaluator award.


Steve Sigrest took Best Table Topics, and Charles Clack received the Most Enthusiastic award.


December 29th

Josie Zamora took Best Speaker award, and Bill Whisenant the Best Evaluator award.


Lark Doley took Best Table Topics, and Mario Galliano received the Most Enthusiast award.



We celebrated three December birthdays earlier this month: Mary Montgomery, Debi Sigrest, and Donna Stefanov all are December babies! The latter two weren't there to enjoy cake, but the rest of us did, including Jeff Johannigman who'd missed his birthday cake last month.


Next month, in January, we have NO member birthdays!



Our next meeting will be January 5th, and after that, January 19th.


Our meetings will now be held on every 1st, 3rd, and 5th (if there is one) Saturdays of each month.


We hope to see you all at the next meeting. Officers, however, note that there is a TLI scheduled the same day.  Please plan to make that session, and get your training out of the way early.