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January, 2008






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Please bring in any of your old Toastmaster Magazines that you're not likely to ever read again. We have got sticky address labels that announce our club's location, dates, time and website that we can cover over your personal information.


You can then take these magazines and drop them off in waiting rooms, when you get your car fixed, visit the doctor or dentist, etc. Anywhere that people congregate and are totally bored!



Sign up for a role. Try something you've never tried before. Once you have given three speeches, you can sign up to Evaluate someone's speech.


If you've been to several meetings, have already filled the Timer, Ah Counter, and Invocator role, etc. why not try being our next meeting's Toastmaster?


We now have templates to assist you. Go to the Available Download section of our website and you'll be able to download the Meeting Toastmaster Checklist, to assist you in preparing and fulfilling your role.


There is also a Meeting Agenda template which you can also download, fill in and print out to distribute. Note that the Agenda template is two sided. On the back side is useful information to help our Club planning.

Click here for Downloads, then enter your password.

Many thanks to those who helped contribute to making the forms that are posted.



One of our six (or is it seven? Too much time spent in a closet lately) Officers has already been trained this year. Several have said they'll attend the session on February 9th. Details of that session, and others, can be found at this link: Please go and support your club. It'd be fabulous to be President's Distinguished again this year (for a third year running), and you can make that happen.



January 19th

Another fantabulous Arthur Storer Club meeting. We had 1 guest who was a returning guest. I guess we haven't scared him off!


Yours truly (me, Mary) was our Toastmaster today, with the theme: Closets. We had a lot of fun learning what our fellow toastmasters have stuffed away in their storage closets, or rooms!


Bill played Hernando’s Hideaway this morning, which brought back memories . . .  for me, at least.


We had three speakers this morning. Bill delivered a talk on his Forex (Foreign Exchange) Trading Session, cramming 6 hours of professional delivery into 10 minutes of amazing facts which were illustrated on slides.


James was our second speaker and delivered his Icebreaker speech. He wowed all of us with his warm, vibrant style (for a first-timer!) delivering a professional presentation on his new company.


Josie was our third speaker and shared a very moving speech that won her best speaker. She told us of an accident that nearly cost her her life, all because another driver was on a cell phone while driving.


Eva was Table Topics master today, and entertained us all with great questions:


Mario was asked what secrets he keeps in his closet, or if none, what does he think Victoria kept her in closet?


(Mario said he does not have any secrets in his closet, that we probably should not talk about Victoria in Toastmasters meetings, BUT he keeps a knife, cables and rope in the trunk of his car . . . just incase he meets up with Victoria!)


Rich was asked to describe the strangest thing that ever happened to him in a closet!


(Rich said his mind was still working on the image Mario gave of Victoria and the ropes! Then he mentioned he has a lot of strange stuff in his closets, primarily clothes that were gag clothes, for costume parties, clothes he would not want anyone who does not know him to discover. "I think I'll go home and clean out my closet after this meeting," he said.)


Martha was asked about monsters in the closet, and where did she hide as a child when scared.


(She said that she liked to hide in small places, and shared a story of when she was scared of punishment and hid between the couch and wall, but her mother found her anyway and said she was too young to be spanked. Phew!)


Charles Clack was asked about the strangest thing in his closet and how old it was?


(He shared a tale of how they had lost a kitten in their storage closet for two days once. Then, they noticed that his wife's expensive, long leather coat had the entire right sleeve shredded from where that little kitten had clambered up and down during its sojourn in there. A new black and white fashion statement, Charles said, but added that his wife refuses to wear it. And they also refuse to let the cats in that closet now.)





January 19th

James received the First Speech Award.


Josie Zamora took Best Speaker award, and Charles Clack the Best Evaluator award.


Charles Clack took Best Table Topics, and Mary Montgomery received the Most Enthusiast award.



No birthdays in January.


Next month, in February, we will celebrate . . . nobody's birthday again!



Our next meeting will be February 2nd, and after that, February 16th.


Our meetings are now on every 1st, 3rd, and 5th (if there is one) Saturdays of each month.


We hope to see you all at the next meeting.