Arthur Storer



The Arthur Storer Toastmasters Club


June 23rd, 2007

Meeting theme: Celebration

Word of Day: Cacophony






Topics Covered in this Newsletter:

        Induction of 2007-08

    Club Officers






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Today was the official swearing in of new Officers, as follows:


Sergeant at Arms: Mario Galliano

Secretary: Jaime Roquebert

Treasurer: Lark Doley

VP of Public Relations: Dennis Pu

VP of Membership: Mary Montgomery

VP of Education: Rich Bassemir

President: Debi Sigrest





A New Member Joined Us Today.

Welcome James Allen! James is the 9th new member to join us this Toastmasters year (starting July 1st, 2006). Smart choice, James! Welcome Aboard.


We had 6 guests attend today! Let us get our membership up to 30 members. I believe we are at 22 now.



This Saturday, 30th of June, we will be celebrating the Arthur Storer Club’s 10th Anniversary. Join us for a Pot Luck dinner party at the lighthouse (17528 Lighthouse Lane, Jonestown), starting at 4 p.m. We can always count on Lark and Roger to throw fantabulous parties at the Lighthouse, and this is one celebration you DO NOT want to miss!


NEW! Birthday Celebrations.

Today we celebrated Bill Whisenant's birthday, complete with delectable chocolate cake. We would like to celebrate your birthday when it comes around. If you have not already, please email your birthday information to Mary Montgomery and she will post it on our website calendar.




Lark did a Golden job as Toastmaster today, weaving her wonderful energy into the theme: Celebration!


And true to form, Bill Whisenant kicked off our meeting with a rousing song. This time he practiced with whoever arrived early in the Library parking lot! Thus, about half of our members were upfront singing "Celebrate!" to kick off our meeting. YAHOO!





Speaker #1:  Jaime Roquebert: Speech#5: "Fast Forward"


Jaime wowed us again with yet another fantastic, inspiring speech. He started out asking us to close our eyes and made us think what has happened in our lives from 1988 to the present. Then he shared a moving story of a Polish man who suffered from a coma between 1988 and 2007, his wife caring for him the entire time.


Speaker #2:  Guest Speaker from The Today Club, Becki Breyfogle: Speech #10: “Inspiring Employees”


Becki delivered her 10th speech for us today, sharing experiences of owning a business, and how best to motivate employees for success.





Bill delighted us with several questions on the theme of celebration, starting each one off with a few bars of each appropriate tune: "Auld Lang Syne" for New Year's, "Pomp and Circumstance" for Graduation, etc.


Today, our Table Topics questions were (okay, forgive me if I have forgotten one or two!):


  1. Tell us about your most memorable Birthday.
  2. Tell us about your most memorable Anniversary
  3. Tell us about your most memorable New Years.
  4. Tell us about your most memorable Graduation celebration.
  5. Tell us about your most memorable Friday.




Congratulations to our award winners:


Better Speaker: Jaime Roquebert

Better Evaluator:  Rich Bassemir

Best Table Topics: Mary Montgomery

Most Enthusiastic: Lark Doley


THANK YOU everyone for making this such a great meeting.  We hope to see you at the Party next Saturday.  Bring your camera if you wish!


Wait! Don't Go Yet! There's One More Announcement:


Toastmasters Leadership Institute Training.

The first training of the new year for Club Officers will be held on July 14th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in San Marcos. Please visit  for more details. The 14th IS an Arthur Storer Club meeting date however, so Officers, you may wish to wait until the next training roles around!