Vol 7. No. 2



Call For Abstracts
Abstracts for the 2002 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Baltimore, Maryland are due October 1, 2001. Online submittal of abstracts will be accepted through October 5, 2001 through the Association's website - http://www.awma.org.


Scholarship Deadline Extended

The Chapter has received several requests to extend the deadline for the scholarship applications because of the recent terrorist attacks, and has extended the deadline by one month to Thursday, November 1, 2001. The $1,000 award is open to all full-time students in good standing pursuing an environmental degree or engineering degree with an environmental option at a local university or college. Application forms are available at http://www.main.org/awmactc/public.html. Please contact the Education Committee Chair, Julie Jumonville, at 266-9044 for further information.

Recap of September Meeting
On September 20, the Chapter kicked off its new season by hosting an environmental legislation update with Laura LaValle and Brian Sledge of Lloyd, Gosselink, Blevins, Rochelle, Baldwin & Townsend, P.C. The Chapter would like to extend its thanks to the law firm for sponsoring the event.

In addition to the presentation, door prizes from the Chapter's summer social riverboat cruise were given away. Also, Julie Jumonville and Brett Davis challenged members to participate in Texas Recycles Day to be held on November 15. The Chapter will be involved with events for the day, and free materials are available for any other organization or company that wants to participate. Contact Julie Jumonville at 266-9044 for further information.

October Meeting
On October 18, the Chapter will host a panel discussing ongoing State Implementation Plan (SIP) litigation. The panel will consist of Brian Berwick, an Assistant Attorney General with the Texas Attroney General's Office; Janis Hudson from the TNRCC Air Permits, Environmental Law Division; and Pam Giblin who is in the environmental practice and the trial section of the Austin office of Baker Botts L.L.P. Due to the interest in this topic and the number of presenters, the meeting will be extended beyond our normal ending time to 7:30 p.m.


TNRCC Bolsters Houston-area Clean Air Plan
The TNRCC has taken a number of steps to further refine clean air plans for the eight-county Houston-Galveston ozone nonattainment area. The actions were taken in response to legislative changes made during the last session and include committing to innovative programs, technologies, and cleaner fuels to reduce emissions for cars and trucks; giving refiners until 2005 to provide clean diesel fuel; giving the largest businesses and industries an option to reduce ozone-producing emissions by alternative means; and adding a financial incentive program to increase the use of cleaner equipment, cleaner fuels, and energy efficiency programs, allowing for the cancellation of a proposed partial ban on construction activity in the area. (Source: TNRCC Press Release)

TNRCC NSR Announcements
The TNRCC Air Permits New Source Review (NSR) section has issued a memo outlining the new procedures for handling public notices for the relocation and change of portable facilities. This memo is available online as http://www.tnrcc.state.tx.us/permitting/airperm/ nsr_permits/files/portmemo01.pdf.

Also the NSR has announced that application and registration forms and instructions are undergoing major updates due to policy and legislative changes. Applicants should use the most recent instructions and submit the most recent forms available for any new action whenever possible, even if the form is noted as "DRAFT." Applications and registrations received using the previous forms will continue to be processed and reviewed by the TNRCC but may require supplemental information with an updated form, if requested. (Source: TNRCC Website)

Title V Oil & Gas GOP Revisions
On August 22, the TNRCC mailed letters to Responsible Officials representing sites that have an Authorization to Operate (ATO) for the oil and gas and bulk fuel terminal General Operating Permits (GOPs). This letter advised them of the "revised/renewed" GOPs that are currently undergoing public comment and are scheduled to be issued October 19. Holders of ATOs for these GOPs will need to review the new GOPs and update their applications reflecting the changes resulting from the new or changed requirements in the new GOP. (Source: TNRCC Website)

, 2001


Texas State Implementation Plan (SIP) Litigation


Brian Berwick - Assistant Attorney
General, Texas Attorney General's Office
Janis Hudson - TNRCC Air Permits, Environmental Law Division
Pam Giblin - Baker Botts L.L.P.


Baker Botts L.L.P. is a global energy and technology law firm with more than 600 lawyers serving a worldwide client base from offices in Austin, Baku, Dallas, Houston, London, New York, Riyadh, and Washington, D.C. The Petroleum Economist ranks Baker Botts amoung the top three international law firms providing the best overall service to the energy sector; IP WorldWide ranks the firm as one of the top five intellectual property firms representing corporate America. The firm's energy, technology, corporate, and trial practices are amoung the largest of general service firms in the United States. http://www.bakerbotts.com.


5:30-6:00 PM - Reception and meal
6:00-7:30 p.m. - Presentation


Reception at Temple-Inland Building 301 Congress Avenue, Room 360
Cap Metro bus stop nearby.
***Parking in the Temple-Inland garage cannot be validated.***



EPA and DOT Security Alerts
In light of the recent terrorist attacks, the EPA in coordination with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are suggesting that those who manufacture, distribute, transport or store hazardous chemicals be especially vigilant regarding the physical security of those chemicals. Toward that end, EPA is recommending that responsible personnel at these types of facilities review the EPA Chemical Safety Alert entitled, "Chemical Accident Prevention: Site Security," published in February 2000 and available online at http://www.epa.gov/ceppo/pubs/secale.pdf.

In addition to this advisory, the DOT has produced a separate advisory for transporters, available by contacting the DOT at 202-366-6525 or online at http://hazmat.dot.gov/pubs.htm. DOT is asking that additional safety precautions be taken regarding the transportation system. Security measures should be reviewed and strengthened as appropriate. The DOT requests that shippers and transporters of high-hazard materials consider altering routes to avoid populated areas whenever practicable.

Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC) may experience increased interest from members of their communities regarding the physical security of local chemical facilities. In order to better respond to inquiries, LEPC members may also wish to review the EPA Chemical Safety Alert and also the EPA fact sheet, "LEPCs and Deliberate Releases: Addressing Terrorist Activities in the Local Emergency Plan," available at http://www.epa.gov/ ceppo/factsheets/lepcct.pdf. LEPCs may wish to discuss inquiries regarding a specific facility with the facility's emergency coordinator. (Source: EPA and DOT Websites)

EPA May Scale Back Multi-Pollutant Bill as Bush Administration Focuses on Terrorism
The EPA may scale back its proposal to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and mercury from electric power plants in the wake of the terrorist attacks in New York and the Pentagon on September 11. The agency had been planning to release multi-pollutant legislation by the end of September, but sources have said recently that the agency may release a set of broad principles for controlling power plant emissions, rather than a detailed legislative proposal. Opposition within the administration to a multi-pollutant bill, especially at the Department of Energy, have been strengthened because the recent terrorist attacks have heightened concerns about the reliability of the electricity supply. "The president wants to focus on terrorism," an EPA official said. Furthermore, with Congress' priorities shifted to foreign affairs, the administration may want to take more time "to dot the I's and cross the T's" on the proposal, the source said.
(Source: Steve Cook, BNA)

Editor's Note - The Chapter would like to extend its condolences and sympathies to those people, throughout the world and particularly in the New York and Washington D.C. areas, whose lives have been struck by the recent acts of terrorism. Our thoughts and prayers go to them while we look towards the future during these uncertain times.

Membership in the Chapter
To join the Chapter, please complete and return the membership form available from the Chapter web site, or contact the Membership Chair, Joe Hossley at 327-9840. If you wish to join both the Central Texas Chapter and A&WMA International, contact A&WMA headquarters in Pittsburgh at 1-800-270-3444. Membership in the Chapter is $25 ($10 for full-time students).

2001-2002 Chapter Officers

Chair: Brett Davis, P.E., Motorola, 895-3953, 895-3222 (fax), brett.davis@motorola.com
Vice-Chair : Nancy Meilahn, P.E., URS Radian, 419-5818, 454-8807 (fax), nancy_meilahn@urscorp.com
Secretary: Polly Mayfield Johnson, Caldwell Engineering, 502-8240, 502-8256 (fax), polly@caldwelleng.com
Treasurer: James Braddock, Haynes & Boone, 867-8438, 867-8692 (fax), braddocj@haynesboone.com
At Large Director: Chesley Blevins; Lloyd, Gosselink, Blevins, et al, P.C.; 322-5809; cblevins@lglawfirm.com
At Large Director: Sherry Smith, TNRCC, 239-0572, SheSmith@tnrcc.state.tx.us
Membership Chair: Joe Hossley, RMT, Inc., 327-9840, 327-6163 (fax), joe.hossley@rmtinc.com
Program Chair: Mary K. Sahs, Sahs & Associates, P.C., 326-2556, 326-2586 (fax), marysahs@bga.com
Education Chair: Julie Jumonville, Avery Environmental Services, 266-9044, 431-8526 (mobile), jjume@flash.net
Comm' Chair: Jerry Kung, P.E., Zephyr Environmental Corp., 329-5544, 329-8253 (fax), jkung@zephyrenv.com
Ex-Chair: Mark Hemingway, Geomatrix Consultants, Inc., 494-0333, 494-0334 (fax), mhemingway@geomatrix.com
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