Vol 7. No. 3



Annual Conference & Exhibition
The A&WMA 95th Annual Conference & Exhibition will be held in Baltimore, Maryland on June 23-27, 2002. The association will be taking online registrations soon. For further information please visit the following website - http://www.awma.org/ace2002/.


Public Outreach Activities

The Austin Children's Museum has postponed the Chapter's Texas Recycles Day activities. The Chapter may do something similar with a different venue.
Also, plans to hold a consumer electronics recycling event did not come to fruition due to prohibitive costs. However, plans for a tailpipe emissions remote monitoring event are still on track. For further information, please contact the Education Committee Chair, Julie Jumonville at 266-9044.

Recap of October Meeting
On October 18, the Chapter hosted a panel discussing ongoing State Implementation Plan (SIP) litigation. The panel consisted of Brian Berwick, Janis Hudson, and Pam Giblin. The Chapter would like to extend its thanks to the law firm of Baker Botts L.L.P for sponsoring the event.

November Meeting
On November 29, the Chapter will host Dr. Kirby Tyndall from MFG, Inc. who will be speaking about EPA's revisions to the methyl mercury reference dose and possible implications of the revisions with regard to various media. Dr. Tyndall has over ten years of experience in environmental consulting, human health risk assessment, regulatory review, and toxicology; and she is very familiar with the chemical-specific issues that make quantifying risks from mercury unique.

Prior to the regularly scheduled presentation will be a short session regarding Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) certification. Art Bedrosian of Zephyr Environmental Corporation will describe what the QEP program is, why certification is important, and how to obtain certification.


TNRCC Approves New Auto Inspection Rules
The TNRCC has adopted new rules to cover auto emission inspections in Dallas-Fort Worth, El Paso and Houston-Galveston as part of the agency's plan to reduce air pollution in those areas. Commissioners approved a fee of up to a maximum of $27 for emission inspections. The rules go into effect on May 1, 2002 in Harris, Dallas, Tarrant, Collin and Denton counties. The increase, from the earlier proposal of $22.50, will help cover the costs of local inspection stations to perform the new emission testing. Local inspection stations will be allowed under the new rules to offer incentives or discounts to vehicle owners who get their vehicles tested during off-peak periods during an inspection month. When added to the required state safety inspection fee of $12.50, vehicle owners in the two target regions can expect to pay a maximum of $39.50 beginning in May, 2002.

The new rules will delay the implementation of "on board diagnostic" (OBD) testing of vehicles in El Paso from May 1, 2002 until January 1, 2003 in order to explore options and take into consideration any changes in El Paso's air quality status by the EPA. Inspection stations in El Paso will be allowed to increase the total inspection fee from the current $13.00 to $14.00 beginning in May 1, 2002, but will continue to use two-speed idle emission testing methods. (Source: TNRCC Press Release)

TNRCC to Test Air Quality in Texas City
Twenty-five staff members of the TNRCC are scheduled to take up to 40,000 samples at 50 to 75 sites around Texas City's industrial facilites during November. The TNRCC is seeking to verify that levels of benzene and other chemicals produced by local companies have been lowered. The sampling was scheduled after a meeting of city leaders, industry officials and TNRCC officials. (Source: Associated Press)

, 2001
***note delayed meeting due to holiday***


Recent Revisions to the EPA Methyl Mercury Reference Dose


Kirby Tyndall
Senior Toxicologist
MFG, Inc.


MFG, Inc. - Consulting scientists and engineers.


QEP Certification presented by Art Bedrosian.


5:30-6:00 p.m. - Reception and meal
6:00-6:15 p.m. - Chapter business
6:15-6:30 p.m. - QEP certification

6:30-7:15 p.m. -


Reception at Temple-Inland Building 301 Congress Avenue, Room 360
Cap Metro bus stop nearby.
***Parking in the Temple-Inland garage cannot be validated.***



EPA Dismisses Possibility of Water Contamination
To allay fears of an environmental terrorist attack, EPA Administrator Christie Whitman has said that the EPA believes the possibility of successful contamination of a water system is small."People are worried that a small amount of some chemical or biological agent–a few drops, for instance-could result in significant threats to the health of large numbers of people. I want to assure people-that scenario just can't happen," said Whitman. "It would take large amounts of contaminants to threaten the safety of a city water system. Because of increased security at water reservoirs and other facilities around the country-and because people are being extra vigilant as well-we believe it would be very difficult for anyone to introduce the quantities needed to contaminate an entire system." The Administrator explained that systems already in place for treating drinking water before it comes out of the tap will, in many cases, remove the immediate threat to public health.

EPA has worked with partners like the Association of Metropolitan Water Authorities, (AMWA), to make sure water utilities receive information on the steps they can take to protect their sources of supply and their infrastructure. In addition, Sandia National Laboratories is working with EPA to develop training materials for water companies so they can conduct thorough assessments of their vulnerable points. (Source: EPA Press Release)

Arsenic Standard Set
EPAdministrator Christie Whitman has announced that the arsenic standard in drinking water will be 10 parts per billion (ppb) after having delayed the implementation of the proposed standard earlier this year for a review of the scientific data and cost burden. Whitman reiterated that the additional study and consultation have not delayed the compliance date for implementing a new standard for arsenic in 2006. "Instead it has reinforced the basis for the decision," said Whitman. "I said in April that we would obtain the necessary scientific and cost review to ensure a standard that fully protects the health of all Americans, we did that, and we are reassured by all of the data that significant reductions are necessary. As required by the Safe Drinking Water Act, a standard of 10 ppb protects public health based on the best available science and ensures that the cost of the standard is achievable."
(Source: EPA News Release)

Membership in the Chapter
To join the Chapter, please complete and return the membership form available from the Chapter web site, or contact the Membership Chair, Joe Hossley at 327-9840. If you wish to join both the Central Texas Chapter and A&WMA International, contact A&WMA headquarters in Pittsburgh at 1-800-270-3444. Membership in the Chapter is $25 ($10 for full-time students).

2001-2002 Chapter Officers

Chair: Brett Davis, P.E., Motorola, 895-3953, 895-3222 (fax), brett.davis@motorola.com
Vice-Chair : Nancy Meilahn, P.E., URS Radian, 419-5818, 454-8807 (fax), nancy_meilahn@urscorp.com
Secretary: Polly Mayfield Johnson, Caldwell Engineering, 789-5060, 443-6761 (fax), pollymjohnson@hotmail.com
Treasurer: James Braddock, Haynes & Boone, 867-8438, 867-8692 (fax), braddocj@haynesboone.com
At Large Director: Chesley Blevins; Lloyd, Gosselink, Blevins, et al, P.C.; 322-5809; cblevins@lglawfirm.com
At Large Director: Sherry Smith, TNRCC, 239-0572, SheSmith@tnrcc.state.tx.us
Membership Chair: Joe Hossley, RMT, Inc., 327-9840, 327-6163 (fax), joe.hossley@rmtinc.com
Program Chair: Mary K. Sahs, Sahs & Associates, P.C., 326-2556, 326-2586 (fax), marysahs@bga.com
Education Chair: Julie Jumonville, Avery Environmental Services, 266-9044, 431-8526 (mobile), jjume@flash.net
Comm' Chair: Jerry Kung, P.E., Zephyr Environmental Corp., 329-5544, 329-8253 (fax), jkung@zephyrenv.com
Ex-Chair: Mark Hemingway, Geomatrix Consultants, Inc., 494-0333, 494-0334 (fax), mhemingway@geomatrix.com
(all phone numbers in Area Code 512)