Balcones Civic Association

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Tom Arbuckle, 454-9003,

Vice President:


Jack Jennings, 231-1032

Past President:
Mary Tannahill, 343-1573,

Sector Representatives

Sector 1: (Bounded by Hyridge Dr. on south; Hwy. 360 on northwest; Hwy.183 on north; Mesa Dr. on northeast)
Belinda Herrera, 346-6126,
Elizabeth Gunter, 343-1218,
Tony Aterno, 346-3437,
Susan Joiner, 340-9943,
Ann Trentin, 346-6974,

Sector 2: (Bounded by Cima Serena on south; Mesa Dr. on west & NW; Hwy. 183 on north; Mopac Expwy. on east)
Joe Makeever, 345-0800,
John Rhodes, 345-0778,
Carol Stapper, 342-1865,
Amy Welborn, 351-9391,

Sector 3: (Bounded by: Spicewood Springs Rd. on South; Mesa Dr. on West; Cima Serena on North; Mopac Expwy. on East)
Tom Arbuckle, 454-9003,
Watson Howell, 346-6042,
Jack Jennings, 231-1032
Rahel Kahlert, 502-2375(phone and fax),

Sector 4: (Bounded by Spicewood Springs Rd. on south; Hwy. 360 on west and northwest; Hyridge Dr. on North; Mesa Dr. on East)
Cecil Jones, 346-1819
Stanley Moos, 345-4594,


At Large Representatives:
Linda Keeling, 345-4704,

Advisory Members:
Bill Pierson, 343-9122,
Jim Hooser, 345-0817, Fax 345-7394


Neighborhood Police Contact:
Officer Mike Dunn, (Office)974-5553,

BCA Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 26864 Austin 78755-0864

INTCO Properties Management Office
794-8663 (Elizabeth); Allen Butler (Manager)

First American Bank Bldg. located at: 7800 MoPac


The BCA Neighborhood is bounded by Spicewood Springs Rd, Loop 360, Hwy 183 and MoPac.