The Greenes
Austin, Texas 78750

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The Balcones Greenes Homeowners Association


The annual meeting of the Balcones Greenes Homeowners Association was held on March 26 at Hope Presbyterian Church. 

We reviewed the past year for BGHOA and reported on cutting electricity costs by turning off some of the lights on the entrance monuments for the neighborhood.  We also held an election for one place on the board of directors and re-elected Bill Toth for a three-year term. 

A resident requested improvements, such as pavers, for the area near the mailboxes, to provide safer footing.  We're exploring how to proceed with that improvement. 

In an effort to improve the neighborhood, especially for those who walk along Swan, your Board has started a program of regular treatment of the fire ant mounds there.  Let's all continue to care for our neighborhood and maintain its good appearance.