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The Balcones Greenes Homeowners Association

August 2005 newsletter

At our annual meeting of Balcones Greenes Homeowners Association, we thanked outgoing President Chris Gardner for his hard work this past year. He initiated quarterly meetings that were open to the residents. He also led the effort to successfully negotiate a Declaration of Restrictive Covenants for the rezoning application of the adjacent property at Anderson Mill and Swan.

At the meeting, Mike McGiffin was elected to a three-year term on the Board of Directors. As President, he promised to monitor the progress of the rezoning and to keep the residents informed.

The Board of Directors met with representatives of the owner to view and discuss a revised preliminary site plan for the southern portion of the property on Swan. Mike wrote a summary of the site plan and the zoning application status and distributed it to the residents nearby the property. The zoning application was on the agenda of the Zoning and Platting Commission, having been postponed several times, and was passed by the Commission at the June 7 meeting, subject to our negotiated restrictive covenants. The next step is passage by the City Council, probably in August after returning from a July break.

At the quarterly board meeting in June, the board authorized repair of some fence boards along Swan. Several repairs (lettering and capstones) to the entrance monuments at Anderson Mill and Swan were discussed and more bids from vendors were requested. A plan for BGHOA website development was presented.

Recently some irrigation repairs were made to sprinkler heads and a sprinkler line along Swan. If you notice some areas that need attention, please contact our manager.

Sarah Hill is our new association manager at RealManage, formerly Liddiard Management. She reminds us that our deed restrictions require approval from the Architecture Committee before construction of additions to a house, fences, etc. Please obtain from her a Request for Architectural Committee Approval prior to construction. Her phone number is 219-1927.

Our next quarterly board meeting will be in late September.