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Calendar Of Social Events
BNA sponsored social events provide a place for all bisexuals, those who question their sexuality, and their friends to mingle without fear of oppression. We have many types of events through the year. We have events just for women, events just for men, and of course, events for everyone. Come join us at one of our events ... we hope that you'll find a warm, welcoming, fun-loving group of people you will consider as friends.

T.G.I.B. (Thank Goodness I'm Bi)
TGIB is a happy-hour bi-monthly gathering where we gather to eat, drink, have fun, and often discuss many issues and subjects. After a long, tedious week at work, sometimes it just feels good to converse and laugh about amusing things! We meet on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month. To find us, look for a collection of bandanas and/or a TGIB sign on one of the tables. We will usually be located inside, on the 2nd floor. Do you think you're going to be the first one there? If so, please do everyone a favor, print a TGIB sign to place on your table so others can find you. If you are new to the group and you're early, be patient and keep looking. We try to be on time, but things happen. If you are an 'experienced' TGIB'er, please make those who are new feel welcome by introducing yourself and those around you.

TGIB is held on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

March 2 & 16:  Central Market Cafe North, 4001 North Lamar [ MAP ] [ MORE INFO ]
Central Market Cafe North 4001 North Lamar The cafe caters to finicky eaters. The menu is very diverse with lots of fresh and healthy options. Limited selection of wine and beer, although they do have diet rootbeer on tap which is always wonderful. Great sandwiches and pizzas. The environment inside is rather Spartan and screaming kids can sometimes grate on one's nerves. There is a nice outside patio with live music in season. Parking is never an issue as Central Market has ample off-street parking available.

For a complete list of the possible venues used for TGIB, click here.

Bi Women's Brunch
To Be Announced (looking for hosts for this event)
The Bi Women's Brunch is for bisexual women to gather regularly to build community among women who identify as bi-sexual, bi-curious or hetero-flexible. This is a monthly pot luck social brunch that occurs on the second sunday of the month at differnet memebrs houses. It is a potluck so plan on bringing something to share.

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Bi Boyz BBQ
To be announced
Bi-Boyz BBQ is a meeting/potluck for bisexual men and men questioning their sexuality. All men are invited for food and friendly discussion on topics ranging from polyamory/monogamy relations with monosexual women to male friendships that include a sexual component. Each individual's ideas and personal limits are respected. Meetings are designed to be a 'safe environment' where questions, thoughts and ideas can be freely expressed with other like-minded people.

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