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Wednesday 07-18-01

-- Last night's turnout was great! We were able to get 3 teams of 5 playing two 8 minute periods of round-robin Hockey. It worked out well with the Austin heat and our age/condition. As always, the goalies were rock solid and never out of position.

Let's get 4-5 more players for next week and get a winner/loser bracket going. We will set a final date and plans for the draft at the post-practice meeting so plan on hanging out...Steve.

One incident needs addressing -- While helmets are not required yet, it is probably a good idea to wear one since it only takes one good smack to get Lindrossed. Besides... if you bleed on concrete, it isn't as easy to scrape up as it is on the ice and someone else might slip and fall. Be considerate of others!

Thursday 06-21-01

-- Come chase the bouncy ball around the court tonight! We need to recruit some of the ball players to the BXHL so be nice and pick em up after you knock 'em down.

Bring plenty H2O and Beer as this is the Summer Solstice (longest day o sunlight of the year) and promises to be a hot one.

Tuesday 06-19-01

-- Come play at Bartholomew Part at 7pm sharp tonight. Both nets will be there. We had two good showings last week.

Bring water, PUCKS, beer. Also contribute to league funds, we need help to make this work.

In thus far:
Alex, Dave, Brandon, Critter, Lee, Scott, Terry, Muzza, Aron, Hugh

Steve, Boone

Rob, Patty

Lame for not saying either way:
everyone else!

Shoot an e-mail to Alex at and let us know if you can attend tonight or not.

10 is awesome, 12 is even better in the Austin heat - subs to rest the old and weary. So far we have 10 for tonight.

We will have a message board up soon and a mailing list so check back soon. If you aren't on the e-mail list and want to be, or if you happenned along this site and want to play, Shoot an e-mail to Alex at so we can add you to the list.

Tuesday 05-22-01

-- The Bartholomew Extreme Hockey League will meet again tonight at Bartholomew Park at 7pm sharp. Shoot an e-mail to Alex at and let us know if you can attend or not.

Tonight we will debut one of our nets, a 4x6' metal frame goal with a plywood 'goalie' that leaves only the corners and 5 hole open. It should make things much more fun and interesting and allow us to shoot high and hard as opposed to when we use the cones. Thanks to Dave for making BXHL Goal Version 1.0. Version 1.1 and/or 2.0 to follow soon.

The actual league is to start third or fourth Tuesday in July. Wait till we paint stupid ugly dumb pink pants (BJ) on the wood!

Speaking of losers... Earl will make a guest appearance tonight. Here is a photo of his last appearance at the BXHL. Let's give him all the love and respect he deserves...