The goal of this organization is to provide Association members with; the most current information available on the state-of-technology in the electronic equipment industry, access to the most current industry related reuse/recycling technologies and processes, opportunities to network with other professionals in this and related industries, opportunities to promote the electronic equipment recycling industry, a vehicle for advocating industry policy, and all the traditional benefits (more cost effective health/insurance rates, volume discounts on products and services, etc.) to be gained by working as a group within an industry association.

CenTEERA would be structured to comply with rules and regulations established by both the State of Texas and the IRS regarding industry/trade associations that are also involved in advocating policy or promoting legislation. These and other components of the Association's organizational structure will be included in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Draft Bylaws will be presented for review and modification at the Association's organizational meeting.

It is proprosed that the Association use the Internet as its main forum. A Web page would be developed and maintained to provide; a point of access for members of the public seeking general information not reserved for members, potential clients with a contact point for Association members, and a forum for conducting Association business including on-line meetings, announcements, and document distribution. The first meeting will be held at MCC on October 24.

This format eliminates the problems so common with trying to schedule a time and location for meetings and avoids the costs associated with physical operations (developing and distributing printed matter, records storage and access, high overhead, etc.). Staff could be kept to a minimum (most likely an Executive Director and an Administrative Assistant). Costs for operations would be distributed among the membership and partially offset by any income generated by Association grants or projects. In-kind contributions such as office space or equipment could further reduce operating expences.

Organizing CenTEERA is a joint effort of MCC and Computer Reuse and Recycling in Austin, Texas. If you wish to participate in this organizational effort, help sponsor the organizational meeting, want more information about CenTEERA, or are interested in membership, please contact;

J. D. Porter
Computer Reuse & Recycling
Pat Adams
Computer Reuse & Recycling