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Stop Water Waste

Help stop water waste this season! The City of Austin has a water waste ordinance in effect year-round. If you see any of the violations below, please call the anonymous Water Waste Hotline at 512-974-2199.  

1.      Failing to repair a controllable leak including a broken sprinkler head, a leaking valve, or a leaking faucet;

2.      Operating a permanently installed irrigation system with the following:
a broken head,
a poorly-adjusted head that sprays pavement or street, or
a head that is misting due to high water pressure

3.      During irrigation:
allowing water to run off a property causing a trail of at least 50 feet, or
allowing water to pond in the street or parking lot to a depth greater than inch.

 From May to September, commercial entities are prohibited from watering during the daytime, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you see a commercial property watering during these times, please call the Water Waste Hotline at 974-2199.

 Remember, you're helping, not hurting!
Water waste calls are anonymous, and water waste fines are rare. Our ultimate goal is to save water -- we want to solve the problem and prevent future waste. From our perspective, your reports give us extra "eyes" in the field to keep our treated drinking water from going down the drain. For the customer, locating and fixing water leaks can save money and help prevent water damage to their property. It's really a good deed, after all. 

For more information, please call us or visit our website at

The Wright Management Group and Chimney Hill North Neighborhood Association has ended their contract for management services as of 06/30/2012.

Any new inquires should be directed to:

C/O Dewy Brooks
9210 Wellesley Dr
Austin, TX 78754
Ph. 512-933-0335

We are currently in the process of selecting a new Management company. We will send out an update when that selection process has been completed. At this time we do not anticipate any increase in dues.


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