The Flight Captain introduced our speaker, LtGen Richard Brown, a TCU ROTC graduate. He has given talks on integrity, excellence, and service to the nation, but since we are all about flying, he told of one of his adventures. In 1987, he was a squadron commander at Hann when he was offered a special three-week deployment. He could not tell the squadron where they would go or when. Just a few people who had to plan the mission did all the work until 24 hours before the departure. We had supported the Israelis' in their '67 and '73 wars, and we had been involved in proxy wars with the Soviets. Then Colonel Brown was tasked to take 9 F-16s, half his maintenance and half his aircrews to a semi-secret base in Israel. Instead of handpicking the team, he took a cross-section; the good and the bad went. The stay-at-homers were given a later deployment. Once selected, they couldn't tell their wives for six months. On a Friday evening, everyone was notified of a tomorrow launch. Most would fly in the C-141, and they did not know their destination until they landed. The flyers checked in with just a microphone click, and after that it was com-out. They flew in three cells with all tucked in. Crossing France, they looked like 3 guys on a cross country to Torrejon, but once over the Med, they did a right turn to a tanker. Since Libya was hard to starboard, two of the ships were hot. They were intercepted by a Greek F-104. About 100 miles out, an Israeli F-16 showed up to lead them down in the Negev Desert south of Beersheba. The base was nearly invisible with much of it under brown netting, and their netting was ready. They spent 3-weeks laying down some live ordnance as well as BDU's. Seems like they were always approaching a border which required a hard turn. They did get to play tourist in Jerusalem, but their souvenirs where locked up until the mission, Juniper Fox, was declassified. They didn't get to do dissimilar air combat with the Israelis. Of course, there were a number of questions to this most interesting deployment which showed our support to Israel.