San Marcos Airport

Cadet Travis Vanover (AFROTC) and his instructor

Cadet Chris Smith (NROTC) and his instructor

The airplane is a 1999 Diamond DA20-C1 N952TS - A graceful two-seat primary trainer, VFR only, with GPS.  The students are from Texas University.

Once the candidates for the Cadet Flight Indoctrination Program (CFIP) had been looked over by the committee, two were chosen by the Longhorn Flight. In late May, the Chairman of the Daedalian Foundation was sent our request for help in funding their program as well as informing him that the Texas State Aviation FBO at San Marcos had been our choice for the training.

Their training began on Monday, July 19th.  The National Daedalian Headquarters/ Flight splits the funding for CFIP 50/50 The students end-of-training flight jackets will be presented to them by the Longhorn Flight soon. Soloing is a great incentive to future young people interested in making flying a career.

A note from Charlie