General Membership Meeting
9 December 2012

The annual Daedalian Flight 38 Christmas Dinner Dance was held at the Onion Creek Country Club, located near Austin, Texas, on 9 December 2012 at 1745 Hours.

Following a cocktail hour, the Flight Captain, LtCol Ron Butler, called the meeting to order at 1850 Hours. The Flight Captain led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance, and then toasted our departed brothers and sisters, and the Commander-in-Chief. . The Flight Captain led a toast to the ladies.

A list of guests follows:

Mary Boyce James Boyce
Jan Broomall Bill Broomall
Bonnie Burris Darrel Burris
Martha Davis Ron Butler
Jewel Dahl Sig Dahl
Janet Decabooter Bill Decabooter
Pat Densford Charles Densford
Terri Dula Brett Dula
Jo Jo Edwards George Edwards
Sara Eppinger Dale Eppinger
Sue Green Rocky Eubank
Charlotte Firestone Ken Firestone
Ruth Gordon John Gordon
Marion Deford William Gregory
Joanne Hendrix Will Hendrix
Lois Howard JR Howard
Carol Keller Ken Keller
Janet Kennebeck George Kennebeck
Martha Loflin Charles Loflin
Lydia Mastroinna John Mastrioanni
Anne Patterson Doug Patterson
Barbara Laborde Doug Patterson
Carrol Laborde Doug Patterson
Connie Porter Bill Porter
Barbara Rettinger Henry Rettinger
John Newby Henry Rettinger
Lynn Newby Henry Rettinger
Kay Kleeber Mike Rhodes
Marilyn Rodriguez Mike Rodriguez
Brenda Waterfield Davis Rohr
Jo Ann Nolan Stanford
Diane Stevens Stan Stevens
Mrs. Wheeler Don Wheeler
Jo White Lee White
Kathy Fleiszar Lee White
Janie Williams D. O. Williams

All Entrees came with: Salad of Baby Spinach, Spiced Pecans, Sun-dried Cranberries, Fresh Goat Cheese and Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing, Rolls and Butter, Chocolate Cake with Grand Marnier, Whipped Cream, Iced Tea and Coffee. The main dish was roasted prime rib au jus accompanied by garlic mashed potatoes and chef's choice of vegetables. The meat option was pan seared salmon with citrus buerre blanc sauce. The salmon was served with cranberry wild rice and chef's choice of vegetable. Another choice was Chicken Breast, mashed potatoes, and vegetables.

Following dinner the Flight Captain reconvened the meeting. Four raffle tickets were drawn. The main drawing was for a $50.00 Gift Certificate at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.
Following the raffle drawing, a motion was made to accept the Minutes of the past meeting as written.

The entertainment was provided by DJ and singer Jay Williams of Bastrop. Many danced or simply enjoyed the music.

Paid attendance was a total of 67 members and guests. The cost of $ 55 per person included dinner, wine and the entertainment. The raffle took in $173 that will go to the scholarship fund less the cost of the prizes.

The Onion Creek Country Club managers and staff provided excellent service, attractive tables and good food.

The Flight Captain announced the next meeting would be on February 21, 2013. He closed the meeting at 2021 and wished everyone a safe trip home.