Longhorn Flight 38
General Membership Meeting
14 October 2010

The annual Flight line Meeting was held at the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) hangar at the airport in San Marcos, Texas. Members  helped set up the tables, chairs, podium and flags on the hangar floor.

In the CAF hangar, there was a B-25, T-34, YAK-18, P-63, AT-6, U-3 and two Japanese replicas used in the filming of the movie TORA! TORA! TORA! The hangar also houses an extremely well equipped museum that was open to our members and guest. Outside the hangar was a flyable T-33, Stu McCurdy's RV-8, a  T-6 Texan II from Randolph, and a Stearman.

Flight Captain, Col Dan Waddle, called the meeting to order at 1630 Hours. He asked all to bow their heads and offered the invocation. He also led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Flight toasted our departed Brother and Sister Daedalians and the Commander-in-Chief, the President of the United States.

The Flight Captain thanked all for attending and requested each table to introduce their guest:

Terri CarltonLes Carlton
Jason LatzkoSig Dahl
Richard GruverNeil Gruver
Tom SearcyDoug Patterson
Joy StandfordNolan Stanford
Jack OliverTom Tapman
Mike GunterTom Tapman
Bob MarquetteJoe Williams
Dale HetkePilot
Brad OliverPilot
Chris SmithCFIP cadet
Jody SmithDad
Travis VanoverCFIP cadet
CAF representative

Honored guest were toasted.

The Flight Captain requested all members and guest to form a line for the outstanding barbeque buffet. When the Flight Captain reconvened the meeting following dinner, he announced a 10-minute break. After the break, the Adjutant was requested to read the Minutes of the last meeting but there was a motion to accept the Minutes as written.

Four people won rides. .Ed Lloyd won a ride in Ted Day's Bonanza. Mike Gould, Fred Hannah, and Bill Porter will take a formation flight in a couple of weeks. They will probably fly in a T-6 or a T-34.

The Raffle took in a total of $225.

The Flight Captain thanked LtC Darrel Delong, Flight Meeting Chairman, for his hard work in setting up the Flightline Meeting and arrangements for the food, drinks and rental of tables and chairs.

Col Waddle asked people to tell some stories, and the members responded. One pilot flew over the target with his lights on. Another pilot broke his wrist after crashing his O-1 and flew the next day. A working elevator would have helped. Another pilot turned the controls over to his passenger so he could take pictures in Alaska. Historically, like passengers had plenty of stick time, but not this green bean.

After several more stories, the Flight Captain encouraged everyone to attend the Christmas Dance on 9 December. The meeting was adjourned at 1910 Hours.

J R Howard