P.O. Box 200193
Austin, Texas 78750-0193

MEETINGS - Longhorn Flight meetings are held six times each year: February, April, June, August, October, and December. Meetings are held normally on the second Thursday evening, but may be scheduled at other times on certain occasions. The usual meeting place is the CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL

Meeting times, location, agenda, and other information of interest to members are published in "The Longhorn Flyer", the flight bulletin, which is mailed in advance of each meeting, and on the flight's page on the World Wide Web.

DRESS - Gentlemen normally wear coat and tie, military uniform, or other appropriate dress. When ladies attend, their dress is always as they deem appropriate for the attire of the men. At the annual Christmas Ball, civilian black tie or military mess dress is encouraged but not required.

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL FUNCTIONS. All dinner functions require that we specify. several days in advance, the exact number of attendees.

DUES: Annual flight dues are $15.00, payable by 1 March. This amount meets the needs of Longhorn Flight. National Daedalian dues are separate from local dues and are billed by and mailed to national headquarters at Randolph AES. Members are encouraged to obtain life memberships in the Order of Daedalians through national headquarters.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Longhorn Flight sponsors a fund to provide educational assistance to deserving young persons who are interested in pursuing careers in military aviation. The amount awarded may be matched by the national order up to an amount announced each year. Contributions are fully tax-deductible. Additional funds are provided by sale of flags and other patriotic symbols. The Flight may also nominate qualified descendants of Daedalians to compete for scholarships awarded each year by the Daedalian Foundation.

ANNUAL AWARDS: The flight presents achievement awards to outstanding Air Force Junior ROTC cadets at several local area high schools.

Membership: Anyone who is eligible for membership and wishes to join our Order should contact the Adjutant
 Obtain Order of Daedalians Application for Named Membership  
Follow the  Instructions with form. Complete Named Membership Application and Personal Data Form. Give all completed forms and documentation to Adjutant for processing.
Applicant will make check made payable to Order of Daedalians for $40.00 (annual dues of $25.00 and registration fee of $15.00). See also the lift time membership rates on the National web page.
Applicant will give completed forms and check to adjutant who, in turn will ensure that all forms are properly completed, required documentation included, and forms are sent to National.