The Daedalian General Membership Meeting was held at the Old Kingsbury Aerodrome on Thursday18, October 2014. People from Austin and Ft Hood met at the Onion Creek Country Club and car-pooled to the aerodrome. The Pioneer Flight Museum is at the aerodrome and it has a number of World War I airplanes and motor vehicles. Before the meeting, we toured the exhibits to include a Fokker DR.I Triplane, Fokker D. VII, Curtiss Canuck, Ercoupe, and Rearwin Sportster. A highlight of the afternoon was when they rolled out the Triplane and started it. It sure is amazing to see the piston block rotate, a real rotary engine. The rotating crankcase made an excellent flywheel, but in turn caused significant gyroscopic precession.

The Flight Captain, LtCol. Ron Butler called the meeting to order at 1740 Hours. The Flight Captain led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and invocation. The Provost Marshall then toasted our departed brothers and sisters and the Commander-in-Chief. . The Flight Captain led a toast to the ladies and introduced the guests and visitors. We had 14 members and 2 guests, and 12 visitors from other flights at our meeting.

A list of guests follows:

Diane Stevens Scott Stevens
Larry Tran Davis Rohr
Phil Lee Ft Hood Flight
Laruren Legyel Stinson Flight
Jack Miller Stinson Flight
Edward Weltz Stinson Flight
Ed's Wife Stinson Flight
George Cardes Stinson Flight
James Humphrey Stinson Flight
Mike Buck Stinson Flight
Barry Howard Stinson Flight
Goldie Stinson Flight
John Wright Stinson Flight
John's wife Stinson Flight

Larry Tran was one of the cadets who soloed this summer in our CFIP program. He is in the Army ROTC unit at Texas State University at San Marcos, Texas. MGen Davis Rohr presented Larry his flight jacket. Larry thanked us for providing the training and said he hopes he receives the aviation branch soon.

$95 was collected from the raffle. A motion was made and accepted to approve the Minutes of the past meeting as written.