8 October 2015

The Daedalian General Membership Meeting was held at the Austin Army Aviation Support Facility at Austin/Bergstrom Airport on Thursday, 8 October, 2015. It was a luncheon meeting with members gathering after 1100 hours. Following a social period, the Flight Captain, Ron Butler, called the meeting to order at 1200 hours. The Flight Captain led the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance. Our honored guests were introduced, and the Provost Marshall toasted our departed brothers, sisters, and the Commander-in-Chief. The Flight Commander toasted our member guest and the 10 guard members who joined us.
GUESTS HOST JoJo Edwards George Edwards Ken Parris Ron Butler Andy Davenport (one more take-off than landing) Charles Loflin Steven Jayme (CFIP Cadet) Scott Stevens Matt Fehrman (AF LtCol at Texas State) Scott Stevens
Charlotte Firestone Ken Firestone
Rich Cardiel Scott Stevens

The minutes from the last meeting were approved. There were 28 members, 5 guests, and 10 guardsmen in attendance. $129 was collected for the raffle. Our Christmas Dance will be at the Onion Creek Country Club on the 13th of December with music by Jay Williams. Charlie Loflin thanked those that paid their 2016 dues and mentioned that you could contribute more for the scholarships and CFIP. We lose members every year which significantly reduces our income to support these missions. National has a new program to provide scholarships to High School Cadets going to college, but we will need more income to participate.

Scott Stevens presented a flight jacket to Steven Jayme who said he greatly appreciated the jacket and the flying hours he received under the CFIP program.

The Flight Captain introduced Army Captain Jordan Boyd, who briefed us on the guard operation. Boyd graduated from Texas A&M and said he would overlook the symbolism of the name of our flight (Longhorn). Their primary mission is to train all the Texas Guard pilots. On any given day, there could be 70 pilots flying 3 periods a day. The guard has 15 L and M versions of the Blackhawk UH-60, 6 UH-72 Lakota's, and one C-12 King Air. They usually have one Apache on site. The UH-60M has a glass cockpit and is just now coming into the inventory. As part of the 36th Combat Aviation Brigade, there are CH-47 Chinooks at Grand Prairie, Blackhawks at Austin and San Antonio, and Apaches at Ellington Field. There is an "Army" plan to take back the Guard Apaches and provide OH-58 Kiowas. The Lakota carries a 150 gallon bucket or 6 passengers, while the Blackhawk carries a 600-gallon bucket, or 10 troops plus two 7.62 machine guns in the windows. Typically, if you can get something into the Blackhawk, it can fly. The CH-47 can carry 33 passengers. They have RQ-78 Shadow drones that can fly for 4 hours plus. It has an automatic launch and recovery system, and it is good for surveillance and recon. They are based at Ft Hood because they can't fly in civilian airspace.

Here are the Guard's main capabilities: Humanitarian Evacuations Troop Infiltrate and Exfiltrate Fire Suppressions Recon and Assessments Border Patrol Counter Drug Space Shuttle (Challenger Recovery) Hurricane Relief Water and Wilderness Rescue They have deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other Middle Eastern countries. For Iraq, they had a 6-month train-up for a 12-month deployment. They always fly with 2 pilots. Capt. Boyd has seen many times when the second pilot was needed. The Blackhawk has an Aw-Shit button to initiate an explosive charge to quickly release a slung load. The airplane is very survivable with redundant systems and heavy landing gear. The fire bottle goes off if the aircraft senses more than 10 g's. Its anti-ice system removes ice in a sequence to avoid any blade imbalance. It has 360 degree IR and radar sensors and can automatically deploy chaff or flares. They have recently added a laser detector. The exhaust is deflected up into the prop wash to reduce the IR signature. This technic was an old one, but it is coming back. A Blackhawk needs about 3 maintenance hours for every flight hour.

In about 2007, they started wearing a two-piece flight suit which was Nomex, but it had little durability. It also had a parachute knife pocket, but it's called a safety knife pocket in the Army. Its replacement is coming soon.