The Daedalian Foundation has grant money for five (5) $2,000 scholarships to be awarded to Texas students attending any Texas university for 2016. All of the Texas flights are eligible to submit applicants for the 2016 calendar year.

The following are the details of the scholarship requirements and of course if you have any questions, please let me know or contact Kristi here at HQ who handles our scholarship program.

The scholarships are for high school seniors who wish to pursue a career as a military aviator - any service. The student must be from a Texas High School and want to attend a Texas based college system. The student should aspire to maintain a GPA of 3.4 while in college however this GPA is not a requirement for acceptance. Also the student should be mentally and physically qualified to serve in the military. No physical is required for this scholarship.

Selection will be made by our National Scholarship committee.

Maureen DeFelice
Order of Daedalians
Daedalian Foundation - Inspiring Tomorrow's Military Aviators
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In Addition, Flight 38 awards two $2,000 scholarships to college students in our Austin Metro area

Scholarship Chairman
Lt Col Kenneth Firestone