Longhorn Flight #38, Order of Daedalians
Service History Survey

In order to create a historical data base of the flight members' service, we are asking you to complete the following survey. The intent is to create a log of service years, combat tours, and aircraft flown by our members. To the knowledge of the Board, this information hasn't been compiled in one location that could be accessed by members or "historians". We know we all have a number of stories that will be lost at some point, but at least this part of the story can be captured and shared with those interested.

Once you complete the form, please either e-mail it to Darrel DeLong at ddelong@austin.rr.com regular mail to 8701 Young Lane, Austin, Texas 78737.

Our hope is that we can compile this information and make it available to all as part of the Flight Website 


Rank at retirement/separation:_______________

Years of Service: 19_________to ____________
Please list the aircraft you flew (were qualified in, not just got a ride) during
your career:___________________________________________________


Thank you for participating in this effort to preserve this history. If you have any comments as to what we might also include in this effort, please provide those here: