Longhorn Flight 38

The Order of Daedalians had its genesis in 1921 when Brigadier General William 'Billy" Mitchell, Assistant Chief of the Army Air Service, urged the creation of an organization that would perpetuate forever the deeds and memories of the first American pilots who, in World War I, were the first to fly our country's airplanes in time of war. Present to hear General Mitchell was then Lieutenant Harold L. George who, thirteen years later, on 26 March 1934, at Maxwell Field, Alabama, as one of 35 W.W. I Regular Army commissioned pilots, formally established the Order of Daedalians to "... perpetuate the spirit of patriotism, the love of country, the memories, sad and pleasant, of our service during that period (WW I) and to further cement the ties of comradeship which bound us together in that critical hour of our nation's need...."

There were over 14,000 W W I aviators who were commissioned as officers and rated as military pilots no later than the Armistice on 11 November 1918. Virtually all have been identified, and each, whether living or dead, has a Founder Membership in the Order of Daedalians even though some did not, during their lifetime, participate as active members. In the early years active membership was open only to Founder Members and their descendants (Hereditary Members.) In the early fifties Named Memberships were authorized for active or retired commissioned officers in the military services and their reserve components who are rated as military pilots of heavier-than-air powered aircraft. Named, as well as Hereditary Members are assigned to perpetuate the Founder Memberships of W.W. I military pilots, thereby insuring perpetuity for the Order of Daedalians. A qualified applicant interested in membership must be nominated by an active Daedalian and the application, endorsed by three other active Daedalians, must then be sent to National Headquarters for approval .

The Order, with its worldwide network of Daedalian Flights and its comprehensive awards program, supports the military services and other aerospace activities. The Awards and Scholarship Programs of the Order and the Daedalian Foundation encourage patriotism, integrity, and good character in our nation's youth; military careers as commissioned pilots; safety of flight, and excellence in the performance of military duties. The Daedalian Foundation's scholarship program promotes study in aerospace disciplines.

PROMISE OF A DAEDALIAN In the presence of Almighty God and these witnesses, I promise I will forever abide by the Tenets of the Order of Daedalians: First, to place nation above self; Second to be worthy of the trust and confidence of Fellow Daedalians. I make this Promise with no equivocation or mental reservation and ask Almighty God to assist me in unwavering adherence to the spirit and provisions of this Promise.
So help me God and keep me steadfast.

Longhorn Flight meetings are held six times each year: February, April, June, August. October, and December. Meetings are held normally on the second Thursday evening, but may be scheduled at other times on certain occasions. The usual meeting place is the CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL

Meeting times, location, agenda, and other information of interest to members are published in "The Longhorn Flyer", the flight bulletin, which is mailed in advance of each meeting, and on the flight's page on the World Wide Web.

The Daedalian Seal

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The seal of the Order of Daedalians, depicted to the left, is elliptical in form, the upper half being heavily "feathered" to indicate the large number of pilots who flew in the Armed Forces of the United States during World War I, and the lower half being thinly "feathered" to suggest how the hazards of their calling and the attrition of years gradually lessened the number. The words "Volabamus" (we flew) and "Volamus" (we fly) were selected as the motto of the Order. The seal is gold and dark green in color, representing the colors of the Order.