Travis County Democratic Party Precinct 259 Organization

...Milwood Democrats Serving the Community

Reuben Leslie, Jr., Precinct Chair for Precinct 259
Travis County Democratic Party
12203 Antoinette Place
Austin, Texas 78727-5334
home: 512 837-6181, mobile: 512 608-8903

Thanks to the Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network (MAIN), Travis County Democratic Party Precinct 259 Organization has an easily accessible web presence. Precinct 259 includes most of the original Milwood Neighborhood in North Austin. If you live in Precinct 259 you're especially invited to visit the webpage and join this precinct organization that provides networking and community service opportunities to activists as well as information of value to all residents year-round. Nearby neighbors and citizens of democracies everywhere are welcome to visit and offer comments. This website originated in 1999 hosted by the Illuminati Online, then Prismnet, then with a free link supplied by the Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network. In July, 2011, the website was moved to Main's server where it has been hosted ever since. To reach the content, click here:

If you're not sure if you live in the precinct, look at your voter registration card for precinct number, consult Travis County Voter Registration Voter Verification or see the map on the website.

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Updated 2 March 2017.