Gardening in Austin

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Some ideas on what to put on a Community Garden page. Below you will find many links for the Austin Area. Some may useful for you area- Community Page. Instructions are in RED.

Information and FAQs many of these are from Texas A&M.
Month by Month in your garden
A list of Garden Shows, Sales and Events coming u
Climate Page If your looking for the climate Records of Austin or other cities in the state, this is the place.
Green Gardening From the City of Austin WaterShed Protection Department
City of Austins Xeriscape Information
The Austin Gardening FAQ it list Radio and TV Shows, Books, Nurseries and more.
The misunderstood ballmoss and what to do about Ballmoss.
Bluebonnets taking the mystery out of seed germination, planting pointers..
Everthing you want to know about Buffalo Grass.
Do you have dollor spot.
Parks & Rec's fact sheet on Oak Wilt
The Mints of Texas The Mints of Texas is an attempt to put herbarium specimens from the University of Texas at Austin Plant Resources Center Herbarium (LL and TEX collections) online with genus information, maps, collection data and images. The family contains many familiar aromatic plants. It is a large one, containing ~3,500 species in 180 genera world-wide distribution. Of the 31 genera planned for inclusion, 18 are currently online.

Average Date of First Fall Frost for Texas
Average Date of Last Spring Frost for Texas
Don't know what varietie of vegetables to buy for your garden? Recommended Vegetable Varieties
Spring Planting guide for Vegetable Crops
Travis County Planting Schedule
Texas Extension Vegetable Information
Fall Direct Seeding Guide
Fall Gardening everything you need to know.
Some vegetables only need a short time to ripen. Careful planning can allow you to plant a succession of crops in the same space all year long
Backyard Composting A guide for composting yard and food waste from the City of Austin.
Dillo Dirt: All about Dillo Dirt compost by the City of Austin Water and Wastewater Utility.
Tree Planting Guide for Austin and the Hill Country the selection, planting and care of urban trees
Imported Fire Ant Research and Management by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service.
Take-All Patch (Bermuda Decline) Info from Richard L. Duble on the Take-all patch fungus.
Lawn publications from Texas A & M
FAQ on Texas Native Grasses
FAQ on Texas Native Vines
Neil Sperry Now See the lead article for this months GARDEN MAGAZINE. Check out his book and his online resources.
Chuck's Texas Home Gardening Guide Chuck has Do's & Dont's, Harvesting & Storage Info, and much more.
Texas Christmas Tree Growers This site will help you locate a Christmas tree farm near you, explain why you should choose a Texas grown Christmas tree, and give you information about the different types of Christmas trees grown in Texas.
The Texas Evapotranspiration Site The water requirements of specific crops and turf grasses can be calculated as a fraction of the PET. Since there are thousands of cultivated plants, we have tried to simplify matters by establishing a standard ET rate for general reference and use.Texas Native Tree Data Base
Texas Audubon Sociey

Park Place Gardens Tom has seasonal gardening tips and ideas for the Austin Area, words from the expert and services to offer
Hill Country Habitat This page represents an Austin-area prespective. Many links for the Austinite or wantobe.
The South Austin Community Garden is a group of gardeners from diverse backgrounds who share the common philosophy of organic gardening. We have thirty-two plots where members get hands-on experience with organic gardening in the local enviroment, share information, harvest healthy delicious vegetables, and enjoy each others company. We are a totally organic garden.
Backyard Composting A guide for composting yard and food waste.
Urban Forestry Resources is an arboricultural consulting service in Austin Texas providing the knowledge and expertise you need to manage the trees in your part of the urban forest.
Horsetail Haven When first moving to the area Ann Marie made all the mistakes newcomers make--azaleas were planted and died, she couldn't understand why pansies planted in May were gone in June.  She became frustrated that her midwestern green thumb seemed to have turned black.  Then she discovered HERBS!!  This page is a description of her experiences with this wonderful group of plants.
Central Texas Gardener from KLRU

Local Botanical Gardens and Gardens to Visit if you are closer to Houston of San Antonio etc they have Botanical Garden Sites
The Stephen F. Austin State University Arboretum
San Antonio Botanical Gardens
Moody Gardens, Galveston Island, Texas.
Houston Arboretum and Nature Center,Texas

Austin Sites
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Research Center
American Botanical Council
Zilker Botanical Gardens
Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve

 Local Gardening Groups find out if there are any local garden clubs and if they have sites, if no site you could put down the contact infomation
Native Plant Society of Texas; Austin Chapter
Austin Pond Society

Austin Butterfly Fourm
Austin Bonsai Society
Weed People
Austin Organic Gardeners
Tree Folks
Useful Wild Plants
Austin Fern & Cycad Society:
Austin Cactus & Succulent Society:
The Frio Canyon Garden Club
Austin Koi Club
Men's Garden Club of Austin
Capital Area Honey Bee Stewards
Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve
Texas Bamboo Society

Master Gardeners and County Extension Sites (if you don't know your local extension site or Master Gardener Site try looking here)
Travis County Master Gardener
Travis County Texas Cooperative Extension

Texas A&M Stuff

Texas Parks and Wildlife: Cardinal Flower Appearance, life cycle, and little known facts about the scarlet flower attractive to hummingbirds
Grass Images from Texas A & M Bioinformatics Working Group This site features 389 taxa of grasses that have been gathered in collaboration with the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation and the Texas A University Press. Whole plant and spikelet illustrations are given for each grass. These images link to high quality, full-screen jpgs.
Earth-Kind GardeningThere are links to a wealth of information at this Aggie web inluding one to a chart giving the dates for planting seed and out transplants for your fall garden.
Fall Gardening every thing you need to know.
Texas A&M Agricultural Research and Extension Center at Overton, Texas
Home Gardening In Texas Download PDF formatted publications
Gardening page of Texas A & M Disease Handbook, Home Gardening Guide Fact sheets on many vegetables, some are in spannish
PLANTanswers Plant answers is offered as a public service to the people by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service
Texas Aggie Horticulture
Texas Forest Service
TAMU Texas Master Gardener HomePage
TAMU Texas Plant Disease Handbook - Contents