Girl Scout Traditions

Girl Scout Sign

The sign is formed by holding down the thumb and little finger on the right hand, leaving the three middle fingers extended. These three fingers represent the three parts of the Girl Scout Promise.

Girl Scout Handshake

This is the way many Girl Scouts and Girl Guides greet each other. They shake their left hands while making the Girl Scout sign with their right hand. The left handed handshake represents friendship because the left hand is closer to the heart than the right.

Quiet Sign

In order to maintain order at lively Girl Scout functions, the leader raises her right hand for silence. The girls follow in the motion; as their hands go up, the conversation stops, until everyone has their hand up and the room is silent.

Friendship Circle

The friendship circle is often formed at the end of meetings or campfires as a sort of closing ceremony. Everyone gathers in a circle where they cross their right arm over their left in front of them and hold hands with the people on either side. Once everyone is silent, the leader starts the friendship squeeze which is passed from hand to hand. Often the girls will make a wish after their hand has been squeezed before they pass the squeeze along. Also, in some larger groups, the girls put their right foot out into the circle when they receive the friendship squeeze, so that everyone can see it travel along the circle.

Girl Scout Slogan

Do a good turn daily.

Girl Scout Motto

Be prepared.

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