55th Annual Homecoming & Reunion - Flag Ceremony

Saturday May 23, 2015 -- Flag Day at Mahomet

Select Picture to Enlarge [Special thanks to Christa Noland for the photography]

The Flag Ceremony began at 10:30 A.M. We had rainy weather for the event this year, but the event was well attended and we had a bunch of new folks. It is always fun to visit with their family and friends. The Flag Ceremony began at 10:30 A.M. Robert Noland President of the Mahomet Cemetery Association opened the ceremony. Fred Kennison gave the invocation. Larry Smith gave the history of the cemetery flag pole and Dane Lackey led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Eric Smith discussed how the families in the Mahomet Cemetery relate to the Old Three Hundred. Christa Noland then shared the importance and meaning of the event, and read the name of each veteran buried in the Mahomet Cemetery. As the name was read an American flag was given to a family member or friend. The flags were then placed in the flag holder on each veteran's grave.

The business meeting was held before lunch. Robert Noland, President of the Mahomet Cemetery Association conducted the meeting. Minutes from last year's business meeting along with the financial statement were made available and approved.

Robert thanked everyone for coming out in the rain and caring about the cemetery. Speical thanks went out to Fred and Sharian Kennison, Derek Shell, Wayne Drushy, Geraldine Booth, Kevin Baker and the Baker family and the others that improved the cemetery.

The cemetery does not have electricity or running water so that makes it hard to have a standard bathroom. Last year Larry Smith proposed to restore the old outhouse. Well, the old outhouse is again ready for service. Thanks to Larry and the Smith clan for making it happen.

Derek Shell, and Wayne Drosche were nominated & elected to the two open board seats.

At the board meeting that followed, Derek Shell was elected President and Louis Insall elected Vice President.

A Barbecue meal was provided for lunch. Special thanks to those who provided the wonderful desserts.

Since it was rainy day, Christa Noland shared the left over barbecue with one of the Green Doors apartment complexes that is mainly inhabited by previously homeless veterans.

As she drove up, a few kids ran up and offered to help carry stuff. A number of veterans came out to meet her and carry the food to the Gazebo in the court yard. They all fixed a plate of food and as they were talking, a ten year old ask why do you have a barbecue in the rain today? One of the Viet Nam Vets looked at the kid and said: The rain is because God is crying since we lost all of our friends in war. The kid said what do you mean? Well you know those video games you play? Well, we lived it for real - day in and day out for a few years. Just like the Hispanic holiday called day of the dead, we get together to remember the loss of our friends.

Green Doors thanks the Mahomet Cemetery Association for the donation of the barbecue.

We all thank our Veterans for their service.

Select Picture to Enlarge [Special thanks to Christa Noland for the photography]

Veteran                                      Died    Grave
-----------------------------------------    ----    -----

Bailey, Elmo Ray                             1994    E 93
Baker, Glen Doyle                            1969    E 81
Baker, Melvin A.                             1982    E 52
Baker, Weldon M.                             1983    V 60
Baker, William E.                            1977    C 83
Barrington, George                           2007    B  5
Bass, Samuel Owen, Sr.                       1993    L 81
Belvin, James (Jimmy) E.                     2002    E 95
Berry, J. A.                                 1891    G 30
Booth, W. L. "Dub"                           1990    R 85
Brown, Fred A.                               1990    O 70
Cammack, Elbert M.                           1992    R 81
Carothers, Charles Curry                     1990    T 82
Chambers, Nelson P.                          1910    E 72
Clark, Alvin A.                              1987    W 29
Clark, Harvey Raymond                        1970    P 5.4
Clark, Morgan M. "Muggs"                     1994    W 25
Colcord, J. A.                               1915    L 56
Collins, W. C.                               1888    F 28
Cox, James                                   1915    C 26
Crain, James Herbert                         1980    C 10
Dale, Henry C.                               1971    E 3
Duke, John Thomas                            1979    W 15
Duke, Kenneth Doyle                          1984    W 14
Elliott, Douglas Wayne                       1995    E 6
Fikes, James William                         1996    X 69
Fowler, F.                                     ?      ?
Fowler, James Lewis, Jr.                     1976    C 81
Gower, Charles Dillard                       1978    H 91
Greer, James M.                              1906    Q 22
Greer, Raleigh L.                            1950    T 6
Greer, Raleigh L., Jr.                       1993    W 4
Greer, Robert W.                             1985    W 6
Greer, Thomas Doyle                          2008    S 2
Greer, William Brance                        1926    S 37
Harris, James Ernest                         1977    P 36
Harris, Thomas                               1965    C 80
Harris, Vernon V.                            1966    S 54
Hart, Raymond Jessie                         1979    E 70
Herring, Kermit W.  (Peck) "Willard"         1990    U 69
Howell, Spencer F. ,Jr.                      1986    R 88
Huggins, John W.                             1960    M 16
Irvine, Kenneth                              1984    O 88
Jackson, Rodney Taylor	                     2014   AC 14
Jackson, W. A. "Jack"                        1977    R 72
Johnson, T. Ray                              1987    M 5.5
Jordan, Roger N.                             2011    B 47
Kingsbury, Carl E.                           1996    W 27
Lackey, Walter Lee                           2005   AD 33
Lockhart, Eldridge L.                        1999    L 86.5
Luna, Donald A.                              1969    X 56
McAndrew, Alton Bartie                       1969    M 54
McAndrew, Modell                             2010    P 68
McCormick, Bryce Philip                      1998    M 71
Ottinger, Leonard R.                         1992    F 71
Parsons, Edward E.                           1989    H 64
Petkovsky, Paul Donald                       1979    B 16
Russell, Arlie C.                            1985    I 22
Russell, George Elzie                        1994    I 12
Russell, Harvie Odell                        1982    I 16
Russell, John Henry                          1921    J 16
Russell, Lonnie Lee                          1957    J 17
Shell, Freddie Dale                          1992    G 97
Shell, G. W. (George Washington)             1915    C 70
Shell, Thomas Olen                           2007    F 82
Sherman, Malven T.                           1938    N 14
Smith, Edgar Othal                           1980    L 64
Smith, John Alfred                           1993    N 61
Spurlin, Clarence J.                         2002    G 65
Stewart, Benjamin Hansford (B.H.)            1932    D 37
Stewart, Christopher Columbus                1915    P 32
Swinney, Morris                              2007    E 14
Swinney, Willie R.                           1933    D 10.5
Taylor, Roy H.                               1965    V 57
Tucker, Farrell                              2011    O 61
Van Horn, Lance Franklin                     2007    M 95
Whitley, Joe B.                                ?     C 32
Williams, Earl Lionel                        1952    S 51
Williams, Fred                               1965    J 50
Williams, Gary Leon                          1995    O 91
Williams, Grady Allen                        1986    Q 87
Williams, James Roland "Rollie"              1959    P 48
Williams, Jonathan                           1890    J 41
Williams, Merkle Q., Sr.                     1995    T 50
Williams, Roley Robert                       1965    O 83
Williams, Thomas                             1920    O 47
Wilson, Wilford A.                           1987    W 9
Wimberly, Benny Earl                         1966    K 68

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