Notes from Joe Allen Stewart

Information about the Williams, Greer, Clark, McAndrew, Hunt and Stewart families. Most of the information is in Darrell Debo's Burnet County history, but members of my family and other families may be interested in reading the following information about some of the earlier settlers in the Mahomet area.


John Gilbert Stewart's (1809-1875 Mahomet Cemetery Plot Q35) children: (4 of 10 listed)

(1)   Amanda married James Greer (2 of 14 children)

(a)    Margaret (1854-1931 Mahomet Cemetery Plot P19) married Isom Clark (1851-1922 Mahomet Cemetery Plot P20)

(b)   Martha (perhaps married William McAndrew, son of James D. and Martha Baker McAndrew

(2)   Christopher Columbus Stewart (1838-1915 Mahomet Cemetery Plot P32) married Charlotte Williams (1836-1875 Mahomet Cemetery Plot P31), daughter of William Thomas and Tabitha Williams

(3)   Benjamin Hansford Stewart (1843-1932 Mahomet Cemetery Plot D37) married Missouri Hattie Allison (1845-1928 Mahomet Cemetery Plot D36) (10 children)

(a)    Mary Ellen married Absolom Williams

(b)   John W. (1866-1956 Mahomet Cemetery Plot D34) married Cordie Patterson (1874-1964 Mahomet Cemetery Plot D33)

(c)    Sarah (Sallie) never married (1869-1952 Mahomet Cemetery Plot D33)

(d)   Charles H. (Charlie) married Dollie Williams

(e)    Lillie (1873-1919 Mahomet Cemetery Plot F35) married George Williams (1858-1936 Mahomet Cemetery Plot F34)

(f)     Albert C. (1875-1954 Mahomet Cemetery Plot L76) married Lillie Hall (1892-1987 Mahomet Cemetery Plot L75)

(g)    Rose Ella (1876-1962 Mahomet Cemetery Plot P47) married Rollie Williams (1868-1959 Mahomet Cemetery Plot P48)

(h)    Jose married George Williams (after Lillie died)

(i)      Homer married Viola Williams

(j)     Harriet May married Bob Peterson

Six of Benjamin Hansford Stewart's children married into the Williams family.

(4)   William Jefferson Stewart married Sarah (Sallie) Catherine Perry


Thanks to Joe Allen Stewart for the family information - May 30, 2010

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