Officers of Board of Trustees:

M. C. Abrams, President; C. A. Anderson, Secretary; Wm. Luedecke, Treasurer; W. I. Rowe, Superintendent:

Members of Board of Trustees

M. C. Abrams term expires 1909; T. M. Rector term expires 1909; C. A. Anderson term expires 1909; Jno. Selstrom term expires 1909; Wm Luedecke term expires 1910; D. H. Reeves term expires 1910; G. J. Eppright term expires 1910.

Faculty of White Schools:

W. I. Rowe, Superintendent High School; Mrs. Alice Vickers, Grammar School; Miss Mary Almquist and Miss Lovenia Browning Intermediate School; Mrs. Hattie Cain and Miss Bessie Caperton Primary School

Faculty of Colored School:

School No 1, J. E. Clayton, Principal, Miss K. D. Smith, First Assistant, Miss_____, Second Assistant, School No 2, Miss Genevieve Smith, Principal

Tuition for pupils not entitled to free school shall be per month:

First, Second and Third Grades, $1.50; Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grades $2.00; Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Grades $2.50; Tenth Grade $3.00.


The next session begins Monday, September 21, 1908. The first two months will be “private school” and this will be followed by the public free school for a term of six months, making a session of eight months. Public free school will commence Monday, November 14, 1908.

Daily sessions begin at 9 o’clock and close at 4 p.m. The recesses are from 10:30 to 10:45 a.m.; from 12 to 1 p.m., and 2:30 to 2:45 p.m. On wet and very cold days recesses will be curtailed. School will close for the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Christmas holidays and any other days as may be so sanctioned by the board.

An incidental fee of 5 cents per month per pupil will be charged. This may be paid in full for the term, upon enrollment if preferred by patrons.

Graduates for 1907 are Cousins Gregg, Mamie Baker, Claude E. Hill, Marion Nagle, Harris Eppright and John T. Eppright.

Graduates for 1908 are Olga Bowman and Myrtle D. Keltner.

Certificates of promotion to high school were granted to Dick Gregg, John A. Hill, Berdie Ludecke, Andy Rowe, Ruth Nagle, Lois Ware and Edgar Keltner.

Certificates of perfect attendance were granted to Maurine Harris, Joy Harris, Johnny Raven, Elnora Zimpleman, Maud Anderson, Kate Raven, Robert Christian and Myrtle Raven.

Enrollment: The enrollment for 1908-9 is as follows: White-male, 93; female 117; total 210. Colored-male 84, female, 111; total 195. The grand total white and colored 405. Added to this there will be a large numbers of transfers from other districts. There will be a few transferred out. The total enrollment for 1907-8 was 429.