North Austin Civic Association

2007 Year in Review

Brian R. La Cour, Treasurer


Budget Tables, 2007 Actual and 2008 Proposed
At the end of 2007 we find ourselves richer than we were at the beginning. Specifically, we grew from $10,631.44 to $13,244.34, with total income ($13,264.47) outpacing expenses (10,651.57) by $2,612.90. A large portion of our current balance ($9,452.73) is so-called "BFI money", which is a separate fund provided for by Allied Waste Industries (formerly BFI) through a partnership with NACA and earmarked specifically for neighborhood beautification efforts. Thus, the amount of "carryover" available for general use is actually only $3,791.61.

Over the course of the year, we were provided $5,773.93 in new BFI funds, adding to the previous year's carryover of $6,332.37. Of this, $2,653.57 was spent on neighborhood beautification efforts, resulting in a final carryover balance of $9,452.73. Among other things, this money was used to maintain and enhance the Heron Hollow green space (at Payton Gin and Lamar) and to install "Quail Creek" letters at Payton Gin and Viking. Another roughly $5,500.00 in new BFI funds is expected this year, resulting in some $15,000.00 in BFI funds to be available for neighborhood beautification in 2008.

Early this past year, Lakeway Printing dropped its contract with NACA to print our newsletter, citing billing difficulties with its advertisers. Starting in June, NACA resumed complete control of the printing of the newsletter and the solicitation of advertisers. At the current reduced size, the newsletter costs us about $800 per month to print. Advertising revenue, which averages about $480 per month, covers a little over half of that cost. For the ten issues scheduled for 2008, this implies a deficit of $3,200 which, for now, may be covered by our carryover from last year. After 2008, and in the absence of a better solution, the train runs off the rails.

Putting aside money from BFI and ad sales, the main source of income was from you, the members. Membership reached 132 in 2007 (three of which were business members), generating $2,100 in revenue. Interestingly, nearly half of all members (64, to be precise) were new in 2007, and I am hopeful this trend will continue in 2008. Garage sales also continue to be a significant and reliable source of income.

Special mention should be made of the $1,203 in donations listed as income in 2007. A portion of this ($158) was through generous member donations. Most of it, however, was actually money held in trust for the North Austin Coalition of Neighborhoods (NACN) to support the Rundberg Night Out event held in August. A portion of the $1,121.38 in expended donations ($464.86) was used to fund this event. Another $500 of donation money was expended to fund NACA's Lanier High School Scholarship.

In summary, the financial health of NACA remains quite good, and the amount of money available for neighborhood beautification is actually quite significant, but we are only generating about half the money needed for the newsletter through advertisement sales. We have about a year to find a solution to this problem, so let's get to work!