North Austin Civic Association

2008 Year in Review


Proposed Budget for 2009

Brian R. La Cour, Treasurer

2008 Year in Review
At the end of 2008 we find ourselves richer than we were at the beginning. Specifically, we grew from $13,244.34 to $15,851.50, with total income ($15,341.48) outpacing expenses ($12,734.32) by $2,607.16. (See accompanying table for details.) A significant portion of our current balance ($11,981.11, to be exact) is so-called "BFI money," which is a separate fund provided for by Allied Waste Industries (formerly BFI) through a partnership with NACA and earmarked specifically for neighborhood beautification efforts. Thus, the amount of "carryover" available for general use is actually only $3,870.39. Last year, that amount was $3,791.61, so we have maintained static growth in the general fund but continue to increase in the beautification fund. This is amazing, and I'll explain why in a moment.

Over the course of the past year, we were provided $3,776.57 in new BFI funds, adding to the previous year's carryover of $9,067.44. Of this, $862.90 was spent on neighborhood beautification efforts, resulting in a final carryover balance of $11,981.11. Among other things, this money was used to maintain and enhance the Heron Hollow green space (at Payton Gin and Lamar) and to start up the Rutland Beautification Project, both led by Brian and Gina Almon. Another roughly $4,000 in new BFI funds is expected this year, resulting in some $16,000 to be available for neighborhood beautification in 2009.

In the past, NACA has been able to secure assistance in printing the newsletter from groups such as St. David's (through their Root Cause project) and Lakeway Printing, a private advertising company. In 2008 we were responsible for 100% of the newsletter expenses. Dire predictions were made early in the year regarding our deficit between advertising revenue (roughly $480 per issue) and printing costs (roughly $800 per issue). Although there was just enough carryover in the general fund to cover 2008, we fully expected to get deeper in the hole and have insufficient carryover to cover 2009.

Amazingly, that did not happen. In fact, we have now almost exactly the same carryover as the previous year. What saved us was not a large charitable organization or private business but, rather, a simple, grassroots effort from the good people of our neighborhood. Because of your generosity and good sense, we raised an unprecedented $2,772.93 in donations, well above the $500 budgeted and outpacing even membership dues by over $400. The newsletter is the lifeblood of this neighborhood, and your support has shown how important it, and this community, really is to you.

For the 2009 budget I've made a few bold predictions which, in light of the current economic recession, may prove to be overly optimistic. First, although I have projected roughly static growth in membership dues, I have assumed donation levels comparable to what we saw in 2008 and sufficient to cover the newsletter deficit. Second, I have assumed an accelerated level of spending in neighborhood beautification this year, nominally $7,000. Thus, I'm predicting negative growth for 2009, but this is actually a good thing. The NACA Board has already agreed to a roughly $2,800 proposal from Verdi landscaping to revitalize and maintain the landscaping at Peyton Gin and Hunters Trace. Other projects are currently being considered and will be discussed with the neighborhood as we enter the new year.

In summary, the financial health of NACA remains quite good, and general funds are stable. Increased spending on neighborhood beautification will likely show a net decrease in funds by the end of the year. The newsletter deficit remains an issue, but if we can maintain the donation levels we saw in 2008, a long term solution may indeed have been found. Thank you all, once again, for your very generous and continued support of our dear, quirky little neighborhood.

Proposed Budget for 2009

and Balances for 2008

Budget Review 2008 Budgeted 2008 Actual 2009 Projected
Starting Balance $13,244.34 $13,244.34 $15,851.50
   Membership $2,000.00 $2,310.00 $2,000.00
   Business Membership $300.00 $0.00 $0.00
   BFI host fee * $5,500.00 $3,776.57 $4,000.00
   Grants $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
   Garage Sales $700.00 $520.00 $500.00
   Donations $500.00 $2,772.92 $3,000.00
   Advertising 4,000.00 $5,381.00 $5,000.00
   Other $0.00 $580.99 $0.00
TOTAL INCOME $13,000.00 $15,341.48 $14,500.00
   Newsletter $8,000.00 $7,938.86 $8,000.00
   Insurance $2,400.00 $2,326.65 $2,400.00
   ANC Membership 35.00 $35.00 $35.00
   Donations $500.00 $700.00 $500.00
   Heron Hollow * $700.00 $441.04 $500.00
   Neighborhood Beautification * $$1,000.00 $422.13 $7,000.00
   P.O. Box $74.00 $84.00 $84.00
   Office Supplies $200.00 $166.27 $200.00
   Meeting Expenses $100.00 $9.38 $50.00
   Other $0.00 $610.99 $0.00
TOTAL EXPENSES $13,009.00 $12,734.32 $18,769.00
NET CASH FLOW -$9.00 $2,607.16 -$4,269.00
Ending Balance $13,235.34 $15,851.50 $11,582.50

        * BFI Fund