North Austin Civic Association

Mid-Year Budget Report

August, 2007

Brian La Cour, Treasurer

At present, we find the financial health of NACA to be quite good, but the road will be challenging. The total balance at the end of June, 2007, was $11,783.46, which is just slightly above the $10,631.44 balance we started with at the beginning of the year. The bulk of this total, $8,137.40, constitutes the BFI fund for neighborhood beautification. The remaining $3,646.06 is used for newsletter printing and other operating expenses (in other words, everything else).

Membership, now totaling 119 households, has been quite healthy. At mid-year we have nearly reached our 2007 goal. Of these, nearly half are new members, which suggests that our neighborhood is experiencing an influx of new, civic-minded residents. Other income sources (BFI, garage sales, etc.) are on target, though we have not been as successful in securing grants as we have in the past. Expenditures have largely kept up with 2006 expectations, though neighborhood beautification is one area where we can afford to spend money.

Our new addition, which was not budgeted for in 2006, is the inclusion of advertising money. Since June, NACA has taken over complete responsibility for the newsletter from Lakeway Printing. It costs us about $800 to print an eight-page newsletter. It may appear that our advertising income ($1,025) is more than sufficient to cover this, but the figure is misleading. Advertisers were offered an introductory package with three months of discounted ads, and most have taken advantage of this option. Consequently, our ad income for the months of June, August and September is about $340 per month, leaving us with a $460 deficit. Our operating budget can cover the difference through the remainder of the year, but a long-term solution is again needed.

January - June 2007 Budgeted Actual
Starting Balance $10,631.44 $10,631.44
Membership $1,500.00 $1,455.00
Business Membership $500.00 $300.00
BFI host fee * $5,400.00 3,335.55
Grants $400.00 $0.00
Garage Sales $700.00 $388.33
Donations $200.00 $123.00
Advertising $0.00 $1,025.00
Other $0.00 $29.38
TOTAL INCOME $8,700.00 $6,656.26
Newsletter $60.00 $981.60
Insurance $2,400.00 $2,340.74
ANC Membership $35.00 $0.00
Donations $500.00 $656.52
Heron Hollow * $600.00 $389.85
Rundberg Maintenance * $1,000.00 $0.00
Other Nbhd Beautification * $3,000.00 $495.63
P.O. Box $74.00 $74.00
Office Supplies $250.00 $32.09
Meeting Expenses $400.00 $0.00
Other $300.00 $533.81
TOTAL EXPENSES $8,619.00 $5,504.24
NET CASH FLOW $81.00 $1,152.02
Ending Balance $10,712.44 $11,783.46

        * BFI Fund

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