North Austin Civic Association

February, 2007


The Jamestown Development
and the
Neighborhood Plan Contact Team
The NACA Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (NPCT) and the general membership of NACA voted on January 18th to support the Neighborhood Urban Center proposal submitted by Gary Bellomy.

The proposal identifies the development of 50 multi-story condominiums on Jamestown, one block from Research Blvd. At the present time, the property is vacant and zoned for commercial development.

A unique feature of the development will be the commercial use in the first floor space of the 10 units facing Jamestown. Mr. Bellomy will exclude certain types of commercial use so it will be more compatible with the residential neighborhood.

After approval by the City, construction is expected to start late this year and be completed in 2008. Units will be 1200 to 1800 square feet with one or two bedrooms. Also, each unit will have enclosed parking for two vehicles. Guest and business parking will be available on the property and on Jamestown.


The City considers the vote of the Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (NPCT) to be representative of neighborhood opinion for all rezoning, so if you believe this is important to you and the neighborhood, then join us. We have no regular schedule for the meetings, but meet when we need to address a rezoning, or discuss action items of the plan. Also, you do not need to be a homeowner to be on the team. Business owners and renters are needed to balance all the interests of the neighborhood.

If you are interested in participating in the review of rezoning applications and the implementation of action items from the NACA 2000 Neighborhood Plan, please contact Brian Almon, Chairman of the NPCT at 512-836-6853, or Bob Baker, Vice Chairman at 512-836-6600.

~by Brian Almon