North Austin Civic Association

April, 2007

A Bilingual Look at Austin's
Largely Hispanic Neighborhoods:

La Voz de Austin

Alfredo Santos c/s Alfredo Santos c/s

In September of 2005, La Voz de Dove Springs began publication in Austin's 78744 zip code with the sponsorship of the Mexican American Center for Community and Economic Development (MACED).

Since then, Editor Alfredo Santos has spread the La Voz family of newsletters throughout the city's neighborhoods with a large Hispanic presence, reporting news on education, special events, local entrepreneurs, and crime statistics and prevention in bilingual format.

La Voz de North Austinwas the seventh of the series, reporting the neighborhoods in the 78758 zip code.

And now, the area newspapers have been consolidated into one edition, La Voz de Austin.

La Voz is published monthly and distributed free throughout the neighborhoods by a host of young volunteers, and can also be found in restaurants, stores, taquerias and other high-traffic locations. Past issues, as well as the current edition, are also available by subscription and on the internet.

Alfredo Santos joined us at February's NACA meeting to introduce us to the newspaper. He emphasized that they want to "put a face on crime" by reporting stories with photographs of the perpetrators.

La Voz is distributed free of charge. A strong local advertising base is utilized to support the newspaper.

Residents are encouraged to submit articles for review through the website at The deadline for submitting articles is the 25th of each month. Letters to the Editor are also encouraged.  

To contact the Editor:

Alfredo Rodriguez Santos c/s
P.O. Box 19457
Austin, Texas 78744
(512) 912-1077

~Keith Huntsman

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