North Austin Civic Association

January, 2009

University of Texas Students Gearing Up
for Project 2009

Rosewood is the primary target, but NACA can steal a few volunteers

For the tenth straight year, the University of Texas, in conjunction with Keep Austin Beautiful, Austin Police Department, the Austin Parks and Recreation Department, and now the Clinton Global Initiative, will engineer a project to clean up and beautify Austin neighborhoods. The University of Texas Project 2009 is a two day project, on February 14th and 15th.

While the Rosewood area is this year's primary target, Officer Lee Davis, the North Central APD Senior Officer, mentioned that he was going to try to 'commandeer" a number of the volunteers for work in the NACA/Quail Creek area.

Officer Davis is asking for input on any areas in the neighborhood that need attention. If you know of any trouble spots that need cleanup, plantings, or just enthusiastic elbow grease, Officer Davis can be reached via cell phone at 773-2269.
 Sponsors and Participants:

UT Division of Diversity and Community Engagement

Keep Austin Beautiful

Austin Police Department, North Central Command

Austin Parks and Recreation Department

Clinton Global Initiative
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