North Austin Civic Association

November, 2007

November 10, 2007 a Big Day for NACA's Neighborhood Park


The day started out hazy but rain free.
Mother Nature supplied the leaves.

~Story and photos by Keith Huntsman
At 9 AM on November 10, the NACA Neighborhood Rangers from Wooldridge Elementary and volunteers from NACA swept into Quail Creek Park with paint, brushes, gloves, trash bags, grabbers and a lot of enthusiasm. Supplies for the cleanup were provided by Steps to a Healthier Austin, the Austin Parks Foundation, and the Austin Parks and Recreation Department. The Rangers are sponsored by Sunrise Mini-Mart and have been doing a bang-up job all around the NACA neighborhood for more than a year.    
Linda Moore joins a crew of Rangers as the hunt begins.

Across the soccer field in search of trash.
They'd find plenty in those trees.

The kids, under the watchful eye of Wooldridge principal Celia Glick and NACA volunteers like Susie Milam and Linda Moore, spread from the entrance at the northern border on Mearns Meadow to the full expanse of the 17-acre park.
The Before picture - a Ranger gets to work.

Safety was the key, as everyoe was equipped with gloves and grabbers to protect them from the trash. Careful supervision kept them from anything that mighit cause them harm.

In the end, they collected over two dozen sacks of trash and recyclables, most of it from a mother lode in a stand of trees just north of Rutland which apparently had been used as a campground for some time.


The smashing results of a successful safari
BFI took time out from their Bulky Trash Pickup schedule to haul it all away.
Mike Myers chats with the BFI crew as they take a break from a vey busy Saturday.

Meanwhile, the NACA volunteers led by Anthony Williams, put fresh coats of green paint on the existing exercise equipment along the Chris Mosqueda Hike and Bike Trail. The green paint replaced the previous yellow and blue and was more in keeping with the natural surroundings of our very attractive park. Carlos and Mary Emma Mosqueda, Chris's parents, were on hand to see their son's legacy revitalized.
Proof that the paint was quick to dry....

A freshly painted workout station
at the west end of the park.

The day's activities were not only for cleaning up the park as it is now. It was also in preparation for new recreation and fitness equipment and landscaping In the near future, with a $6000 grant from Steps to a Healthier Austin and an additional $7300 from the Austin Parks Foundation, four more fitness stations will be added to the five already in place. (Related Story) Also in the plans are ten crepe myrtle trees, three benches and four more trash receptacles.

After hours of hard work, all the crews collected in the picnic area neat the entrance for sandwiches and drinks. T-shirts were handed out to thank everyone for their efforts and to show the world that we care for our neighborhood.

NACA president Anthony Williams works the table. The turnout was impressive - and the sandwiches were huge.

T-Shirts became Ranger headgear.

After the cleanup - nothing left but autumn in the park.
This was just one of the many days of effort NACA and the park's sponsors are putting in on the Quail Creek Park - Chris Mosqueda Hike and Bike Trail Improvement Project. Everyone is welcome to come to the park and check out our progress. As the Project moves forward, there will be special events and presentations to keep the neighborhood informed. Stay tuned here for dates and times.
If you are interested in helping with the project, contact
NACA President Anthony at 636-5704 (
or Jean Niswonger from Steps for a Healthier Austin at 972-4137 (

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