North Austin Civic Association

November, 2007

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NACA Wins Austin Parks Foundation Grant
~by Anthony Williams
NACA President
NACA is proud to announce that our neighborhood has been granted $7,380 from the Austin Parks Foundation! Proceeds from the grant will be applied to our Quail Creek Park- Chris Mosqueda Hike and Bike Trail Improvement Project. This APF grant is a "matching grant" to the recent $6,000 grant that NACA received from Steps To A Healthier Austin [used to install four fitness machines]. APF has also generously exceeded the match by over $1,300, in order to allow us to purchase more durable trash cans than we originally budgeted for the Park.
Quail Creek Park will now receive the installation of 9 new fitness equipment stations, 10 Crepe Myrtle trees, 3 sitting benches, and 4 trash cans. The Parks And Recreation Department of Austin will handle the installation of the equipment, benches and trash cans, while NACA will install the Crepe Myrtles [related story, Beautification Day].
APF's grant is part of their Austin City Limits Grant Program. Under the program, NACA agrees to give the Parks Foundation regular updates on the progress of the Improvement Project, and to hold events at Quail Creek Park related to the project. Following completion of the Project, NACA will give a summary presentation of overall Project results. For more information on the ACL Grant, or the Parks Foundation, go to www./, or call Rosie Weaver at 477-1566.
NACA would like to express its deepest gratitude to the Austin Parks Foundation, for making the completion of the Quail Creek Park Improvement Project a reality. NACA would also like to thank Steps to A Healthier Austin for encouraging us to pursue this grant from APF.

Phase 2 Equipment for Quail Creek Park Project
Rowing Machine
Exercise Bike
Elliptical Cross-Trainer
Leg Press Double
Trash receptacles (incl. shipping)
Concrete footings
Total shipping on exercise equipment   $700
Total   $7380

Related story: Quail Creek Park Beautification Day


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