North Austin Civic Association

June, 2009

Ron Rigsby Park: Its Past and its Future

An open letter from Cecil H. Rigsby (continued from home page)

The Rigsby family is impressed and grateful to present NACA Members who have expressed a desire to improve the appearance, utility and desirability of Ron Rigsby Park. Some have sought our views on what if anything should be done. After a family conference, here are a few thoughts for your consideration:

1. It has been more than 30-years since Ron's tragic death and only a few neighbors remember him. I'm sure many visitors to the Park wonder, who is Ron Rigsby? We suggest that a Plaque be permanently placed in the Park with this suggested inscription:

Ron Rigsby, Ensign United States Navy, at age 26, gave his life for his country on April 1, 1977. Ron lived in this neighborhood, worked for NACA, worked the elections and worked for the betterment of this area.
May he never be forgotten.

   This may be a little long and it probably could be improved but this is our suggestion. It would be nice if the City would approve and finance the Plaque. If the City has no money for these things the Rigsby family would be willing to pay the cost.

2. The small size of the Park does not lend itself to structures of any kind, so we suggest that the space be preserved primarily for sitting, walking, children running with a restriction on no dogs. There is no one to pick up dog do so we would favor a restriction on dogs.

3. When the Park was first opened we had NACA events there where people brought in portable barbeque grills, picnic tables, chairs, games, etc. When the event was over everything was removed and put in order. We don't believe that anyone would object to this kind of use.

4. We would suggest at least two permanent picnic tables with permanent benches for everyone's use. High School students use the Park frequently during the school term as a meeting place.

5. If it is feasible a water fountain would be nice and of course permanent trash receptacles.

6. As far as the Garden Club is concerned some beautification is possible without using too much of the limited space. We would suggest along the edges of the Park leaving the middle area free for personal use.

7. All should be aware of the possibility of vandalism in the Park. The Sign that is there now is at least the third one due to destructive people. Maybe that is not so bad considering the number of years the Park has been in existence but vandalism should be a consideration on new improvements.

8. It would be nice if a group of Lanier High School students or some other group would adopt the Park for keeping it clean and do some of the things the City Park Maintenance does not.

This paper represents some of the suggestions of the Rigsby Family who are very appreciative of NACA intentions to improve the appearance and utility of Ron Rigsby Park. We thank you.

Cecil H. Rigsby
Colonel, USAF (Ret)
9001 Collinfield Dr.
Austin, Texas 78758

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