North Austin Civic Association

A Night Without Crime
on Rundberg

August 3, 2007

Story and photos by Keith Huntsman

Entire sections of Rundberg were closed to traffic.

For the past several years, APD and the communities in and around Rundberg have been behind a concerted effort to combat the serious crime, particularly drugs, gambling and prostitution, rampant in the area. While some progress has been made, it is certain to take a lot more effort and resources to get the area cleaned up.

On August 3rd, the North Creek/Georgian Acres Neighborhood Association (NCGANA), with the strong support of APD's North Central Command and the North Austin Coalition of Neighborhoods, organized a demonstration to bring attention to the high crime area of Rundberg Lane, particularly between I-35 and North Lamar.

Hundreds of people gathered in the field next to the Conoco prior to the march. NACA was well represented.

Austin's Finest, with bikes, horses, motorcycles, patrol cars, a fire truck, a helicopter, and a good number of officers who walked along the route, were with us every step of the way.

APD Chief Art Acevedo addresses the crowd prior to kickoff. Behind him is NCGANA president Larry Hardison.

Councilwoman Jennifer Kim was also there, to emphasize the city's support for the effort. Sponsorship was provided by dozens of neighborhood businesses and organizations. In addition, the media was out in full force to cover the event.

By kickoff time, we were over 400 strong and growing. Residents of several nearby neighborhoods joined NCGANA to show a unified front against crime, including NACA, GracyWoods, Windsor Hills, Wooten, North Burnet, and others.

At 7:30, Rundberg was shut down and, with Chief Acevedo among us, we headed west toward North Lamar.

Entire families made the march, some with dogs or strollers. The disabled were there as well, including the blind and the chairborne. Signs reading 'No More Crime', 'No More Drugs', 'No Más Crimen' were everywhere.

The march went west to Barrington Elementary, then back east to IH-35, with detours through back streets. Along the way, many homeowners and their families joined us to show their support.

The march ended where it began, and the participants were treated to barbecue by APD's North Central Command.