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On May 15th, the Austin City Council approved the addition of Northwood and other neighbor-hoods in the Restricted Parking Ordinance, which means the City will enforce front and side yard parking regulations in our neighborhood. A total of 22 neighborhoods complied with the necessary notice and voting requirements within their boundaries and will now be added to the enforcement map. Northwood residents will receive a notice from the City and then enforcement will take effect.

The "Front or Side Yard Restricted Parking Ordinance" prohibits persons from parking a motor vehicle in the front or side yard of a residence, except in a driveway or paved parking space depicted on an approved site plan. Motor vehicle includes, but is not limited to: automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, vans, motor homes, panel trucks, buses and SUVs. A front yard is defined as the space between the front property line and the front of a house. A side yard is the part of a yard that extends from the front yard to the rear property line.

IPM, not just a three letter word

by the Texas A&M Cooperative Extension

IPM. You may often hear the term, but do you actually know what it is? IPM is short for Integrated Pest Management and is the blending of all effective, economical and environmentally sound pest control methods into a single flexible approach to manage pests. To read the full article, follow this link...

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Updated April 27, 2011

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