El Corazón de Tejas- Central Texas Chapter of REFORMA

Meeting Minutes for June 2002

Meeting Minutes
Temple Public Library
Saturday, June 1, 2002
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

In attendance: Bob Cardenas (Austin Public Library), Patricia Clark (Waco-McLennan County Library), Sarah Bradley-Leighton (UT-Austin GSLIS), Elva Garza (Austin Public Library), Loriene Roy (UT-Austin GSLIS), Sean Sutcliffe (Waco-McLennan County Library), Jennifer Thomas (Austin Public Library). The Krispy Kreme donuts made a short appearance courtesy of Elva.

Ad hoc agenda:
- Introductions
- Immigration forum
- Core reading lists
- Día de los niños/Día de los libros
- Fundraising
- Future projects

Immigration forum:
- Decided: to have an evaluation meeting in Austin (now scheduled for June 26)
- Ideas discussed: keep this on an annual basis, have smaller trainings throughout the year and in different geographic locations, coordinate with district meetings to offer REFORMA trainings, somehow work with the new TLA Diversity Forum, involve a GSLIS student again - but we must write a formal proposal for independent study to invite students to do this

Core reading lists:
- Decided: to create more than the original list for school libraries:

  1. Core reading list of Latino materials for young adults to distribute to public school libraries and public libraries (Patricia interested in working on)
  2. Core reading list of Latino materials for children to distribute to public school libraries and public libraries
  3. Core collection list of Spanish and bilingual materials for adults for libraries (Jennifer interested in working on)
- Ideas discussed: publish these on El Corazón Web site & maybe make it interactive with critical reviews?/ratings?, ask Margo status of original list, involve GSLIS students from Collection Development class (offered next in Spring 2003 and Emilio will be teaching), make collection development in Spanish be one of the trainings we offer (listed under imm forum discussion), involve TWU library students

Día de los niños/Día de los libros:
- Decided: to target having an October "how-to" program on Día de los niños for small community libraries
- Ideas discussed: Elva gave a great description of the Día event this year, as well as the origin and overview of the organization of the event since it's start, Loriene mentioned about working with IMLS Institute to apply for federal money, under their "leadership grant" category (this would apply to Summer 2005)

- Decided: we need to plan a fairly large event later in the summer or early fall.
- Ideas discussed: band/music event, something similar to fall fundraiser, asking folks to donate over the cost of the scholarship pins, conducting more outreach/membership drives (use TLA techniques/ target GSLIS students), work more with CTLS to spread the word about chapter

Various and sundry:
- ask for donations at our workshops, ask SPECTRUM scholars to speak, for an alliance with these scholars, help SPECTRUM applicants learn the process, work on being mentors, add mentoring to ECDT brochure.

Last but not least: schedule our chapter meetings in advance (rather than month by month as we've been doing) for the next chapter year. This would greatly help out-of-town members, and probably everyone, to be able to plan in advance attendance (Fridays are not good for Waco members).

Adjourned! Next meeting in Austin at Carver Branch Library, Wednesday, June 26, 2002, 4:30-5:30pm.