El Corazón de Tejas

Central Texas Chapter of REFORMA

Meeting Notes

February 28, 2009

Terrazas Branch Library

Austin, Texas

PresentBob Cárdenas, Melinda Curry, Mary Donley, Silvia Reveles, Anita Rubarth-Lay, Gustavo Soto, Eric Travis.

Silvia led the meeting in Don's absence.  The minutes of the last meeting were approved after correcting typographical errors.

Items Discussed

- Corazón de Tejas Chapter Website – Gustavo reported that he has been able to add  photographs from Camila Alire's visit and of Carmen Tafolla onto the website.  He is making it more attractive and up to date.  The URL is www.main.org/reforma.

- Camila Alire Visit – It was agreed by all that Camila Alire's visit to Austin was a huge success.  It was impressive that the crowd at the Benson Collection event included people from school and public libraries, the UT School of Information, the iSchool, and personnel from the Benson.  Meeting attendees gave their own summaries of sessions and events they attended.  Silvia submitted her receipt for Camila's gift to Bob for reimbursement.

iSchool Stipend for TLA –  One person has submitted an application for the Corazón de Tejas REFORMA stipend to attend TLA in Houston.  Word will be spread that the deadline to apply is March 15.  Coraz'n members will have to vote online.  The award will be stated as $250.00 with a maximum for $300.00 allowing for incidental expenses.

- Día de los Niños / Día de los Libros Event – Gustavo reported that plans are being downsized for the Thursday evening gala.  The Friday, April 24 event will highlight Carmen Tafolla from San Antonio.  The MACC will pay her fee.  Children from eastside elementary schools will be invited. 

The Saturday, April 25 event will be held inside Pickle Elementary School from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The St. John's Branch Library will be involved. 


Learning English Online – Gustavo suggested “Mocha,” a free, interactive language learning site.  Learning Express is a paid database that TOEFL students find useful.  Diana Murillo Morales might have other suggestions. 

Advocacy for Libraries – Eric brought up the topic of advocacy for Austin libraries.  There was discussion about Austin Public Library employees being City employees and, therefore, they are not able to lobby the City Council as professionals.  As private citizens, they can still contact Council Members and speak at meetings. 

Materials in Spanish – The difficulty in finding good materials in Spanish was expressed.  The following places were recommended by meeting attendees:    

            “Gandhi,” a wonderful bookseller in Mexico City

            Reader's Digest in Mexico – They don't have North American rights, so purchasers must buy the items and take them with them.  Mary has bought books there.

            Guadalajara Book Festival – Diana has bought graphic novels in Spanish there.

            Monterrey Book Festival – Mary has attended this as well as the one in Guadalajara.  She reported that the Monterrey festival is more “doable.”

The Fondo de Cultura Económica (FCE) was highly recommended.  They have an office in California.

Immigration  – We don't know the status of the Marxavi Angel Martinez case.

Latino USA did a program on immigration in relation to North Carolina poultry producers.

Future Chapter Meetings­ - Below are dates of future chapter meetings.  All will be held at the Terrazas Branch Library (1105 East César Chávez St., Austin, 78702; 974-3625) on Saturdays at 11:00 a.m.

March 28

April 18

May 16

June 27

July 25