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Meeting Minutes for July 23, 2002

Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection, Austin, TX
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

In attendance: Patricia Clark (McLennan County/Waco Public Library), Irma Flores-Manges (Austin Public Library), Anita Fudell (APL), Elva Garza  (APL), Margo Gutierrez (UT Benson), Tom Moran (APL), Steven Reich (APL),  Gustavo Soto (APL), Sean Sutcliffe (MC/WPL), Jennifer Thomas (APL)  


1. Bienvenida/Introductions  

2. Adopt June meeting minutes  

3. TLA Annual Assembly - Library Services to the Spanish Speaking Round  Table Mtg.  

4. Participating in Mayors Book Club "Bless Me Ultima"  

5. Committee Opportunities:  a. Membership/Publicity  b. Professional Development  c. Fundraising  d. Mentoring  

6. Possible Fundraising Opportunity for Diez y Seis 

 7. Announcements  Bienvenida/Introductions & Adopt June meeting minutes  

Elva welcomed everyone and the group agreed to adopt the meeting minutes.  Margo announced that we will have to see whether a seminar class is  scheduled for the Benson's seminar room in the fall, to see if we can  maintain our meeting schedule as is.  

TLA Annual Assembly  Elva announced that the Library Services to the Spanish Speaking Round  Table met in Austin earlier in the week during the TLA Annual Assembly.  The Round Table formulated two plans of action regarding the Bluebonnet  Award. These actions are meant to address the lack of Latino materials  being included the Bluebonnet lists of nominated and awarded books:  

1. A group of members from the Round Table will look at the process of  getting a title on the consideration list, and at the process of how  individuals are appointed to the committee that reviews the books, to try  to get titles and people on each.  

2. Another group will working on creating a title list of Latino  themes/authors as an alternative to the Bluebonnet. Related to this, Cinco  Punto Press in interested in setting up a book award, similar to the Pura  Belpre award, as a fundraiser for the Round Table. Irma is co-chairing  this committee with Dr. Felipe de Ortega y Gasca; she will keep ECDT  posted.  ECDT can support these efforts by considering people to serve on the  Bluebonnet committee.  

Elva announced that also at TLA Annual Assembly, REFORMA chapters in Texas  are trying to be more active and work together more closely. Their  representatives at Assembly expressed an interest in organizing a joint  social event for Texas REFORMA chapters, probably on a Saturday afternoon.  The chapters interested besides ECDT were the Houston (Arriba) Chapter, El  Paso Chapter and San Antonio Chapter. Everyone expressed surprise that  there is no REFORMA chapter in South Texas or the Valley, and that we  should encourage the development of one. ECDT members present were  favorable to a joint event. Elva will give more info once something has  been scheduled.  

Participating in Mayors Book Club "Bless Me Ultima"  Gustavo would like to see ECDT sponsor a Spanish language book discussion  of "Bless Me Ultima." After discussion, the group agreed that the chapter  could organize at least one discussion at the Terrazas Branch of the  Austin Public Library, led by Gustavo. This will take place during the  middle/latter part of September, around Diez y Seis. The APL/UT sponsor  discussions and forums will be starting in late August, through September,  so this complements the timing of these events, as well. Gustavo will be  in charge of organizing the discussion, including the publicity for it.  This will include announcements on local Spanish language radio and in  local Spanish language publications including El Norte, El Mundo, and  Arriba (bilingual).  

Irma announced that at her branch, Hampton Branch at Oak Hill, will be  hosting a talk related to the Mayor's Book Club. The theme is  "Curanderismo" and the speaker is Carlos Hernandez Calderoni. The  presentation and discussion takes place on Wednesday, August 7 from 7:00  p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Hampton Branch, 5125 Convict Hill Road.  

Group also asked Tom if ECDT could have a table at the culminating October  23 Fiesta Gardens event where Rudolfo Anaya will speak. He confirmed that  we could. We will need to prepare materials for the table. Group discussed  having a book raffle with other books by Rudolfo Anaya (signed) or other  Latino authors (examples: Ana Castillo, Cristina Garcia, etc.) Group  decided to have a table signup list at the September ECDT meeting.  

Committee Opportunities:  Elva called on all ECDT members to sign up for ECDT committees. She  described some of the activities and goals she envisions for each  committee. Naturally there will be overlap in many of the activities in  these groups, but the hope is that these groups will undertake the main  work of the chapter. The hope is that committees will meet in off months  in order to work and organize, and then be able to report accomplishments  at chapter meetings. 

Membership/Publicity has the goal of doubling our membership by the end of  next REFORMA year (June). We are at about 35 members, so we hope to have  at least 70 by this time next year. In addition, this committee will  undertake creating a recruitment packet, a new member packet, a chapter  newsletter, and maintain the chapter Web site.  

Professional Development will undertake creating core reading lists, and  invite speakers to talk at our chapter meetings who can provide  programming training, for example.  

Fundraising is self-explanatory. Currently the chapter has $400 in the  bank.  

Mentoring will undertake establishing mentoring between ECDT members and  university students, new librarians, and library staff.  Sign up sheets were passed around. 

Those who did not attend the meeting  are encouraged to choose a committee or committees in which they would  like to be involved, and to e-mail the chapter discussion list at  el-corazon-de-tejas@lists.cc.utexas.edu.  

Possible Fundraising Opportunity for Diez y Seis  Elva announced an opportunity that Paola learned about. ECDT could have a  table at the Diez y Seis El Grito event at Plaza Saltillo where we could  sell things. Group brainstormed different food items we could sell, and  agreed to selling Mexican candies if someone could get them cheap  wholesale here, or go to the Valley and buy them on the border. We might  also sell little Mexican flags that children could color and attach to a  stick. Flags have been very popular in the past. Candies include boxes of  lucas, dulces de leche (wrapped), tamarindo. Elva will see if someone she  knows in Austin could help us. Otherwise, Irma might be going to the  border to buy some. Elva will get Paola to confirm ECDT's participation  with Cindy Garza at the Small Minority Business Office of the City.  

Announcements:  Patricia Clark's Report on National REFORMA Meetings at ALA  National REFORMA wanted two things communicated to all chapters:  1.All members are encouraged to recruit one new member.  2.Encourage people to mentor because mentoring program has been in place  for four years, but it is not going anywhere. National REFORMA can help  support local mentoring efforts.  Also, in 2003 at Lake Tahoe, there will be a joint conference of the  Mountain Plains and Nevada Library Associations that will amount to a  "REFORMA 3" conference, of sorts. In 2005, there will be a Joint  Conference of Librarians of Color, location to be announced.  

Another message from National REFORMA is for chapters to participate in  the Librarian of the Year process, and to consider nominating colleagues  for this recognition.  TLA Diversity Fair  Elva announced this will take place at next TLA and REFORMA should have a  table. Tom expressed an interest in meeting, in conjunction with Elva, the new  UT-GSLIS Dean, Dr. Dillon.  Adjourned! 

Next meeting in Austin at Benson Latin American Collection on  September 24, 2002, 4:00-5:00pm.

Minutes were respectfully submitted by Jennifer Thomas.

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