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The Mission

The mission of the Austin Area Urban League is to assist African-American s and disadvantaged citizens in the achievement of social and economic eq uality. Through direct service delivery and advocacy, the Urban League p rovides employment and training, education, youth development, housing an d credit counseling and emergency home repair. We achieve our mission th rough the delivery of human services, social research and advocacy activi ties. We train disadvantaged members of our community in strategies and techniques to change the status quo. We invite area employers to bring a bout positive and rewarding changes in the daily lives of these disadvant aged individuals.

Programs and Services


For More Information...

The Austin Area Urban League is a dynamic community resource through whic h businesses and individuals form unique cooperative partnerships. An inv estment today in the Austin Area Urban League is an investment in Austin' s future! To become a member of the Austin Area Urban League or to obtai n more information about the programs we offer, please contact:

Austin Area Urban League, Inc.
1825 E. 38 1/2 Street
Austin, Texas 78722
(512) 478-7176 FAX (512) 478-1239



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