Fellowship Hall
TUESDAY, JANUARY 8, 2002 7:30 PM

In attendance: Gail Bailey, Steve Greenhow, Fred Daughtry, Rindy Fox, Eric Vormelker, Lisa Schneider, Rachel Cowart, Candace Huff, Janis Ehlinger, Colin Garvey, James Perez, April Angele, Hillary Angele, Hayden Angele, Margaret Kellogg, Greg Kellogg, Alix Knauth

Lisa started the meeting by making several announcements:

Neighborhood Watch
We reviewed the block-by-block status of the responses to the Block Captains' questionnaires. Because of the holidays and the short time frame available, response was much less than anticipated. We decided that that this task might take longer than anticipated and we might have to do it block by block. Avenue C had 100% response and is eager to move forward in the process, so we recommended their captain get in contact with the Neighborhood Watch officer DuPree. In the mean time, we decided that the primary goal is to build communication and trust and continue to facilitate neighbors getting to know each other.

Calendar of Events
We next started putting together a plan of events for the year. In previous meetings, we settled on the notion of alternating 'General' with 'Steering Committee' meetings. In order for the National Night Out in August to coincide with a General meeting, we decided to make our February meeting a General one. It was proposed, and accepted, that for the February meeting we'd get someone to give a talk about Remodeling. Eric Vormelker agreed to find someone. We also decided on the title "Remodeling Do's and Don't's" as a starting concept.

We proposed the following for the next few months:

Other ideas that were suggested, but not assigned to any particular time or date: Neighborhood Garage Sale; July 4 Picnic/Parade/Party.

Next Meeting: February 12, 2002, 7:30 pm