TUESDAY, MARCH 13, 2001 (7:30PM)
Fellowship Hall

In attendance: Rene Tello, Grey and Margaret Kellogg, Fred Daughtry, Eric Vormelker, Lisa Schneider; Guest Speaker Officer Eric Oakmon

I. Welcome/Introductions/ Thank-yous

Much thanks was expressed to the following people for all their efforts and generosity:
Fred Daughtry & Skyview Baptist Church -- meeting space
Colin Garvey, Kelly (on Link), Rachel Cowart, Fred Daughtry, Rindy Fox, Chris Fowler -- newsletter distribution
Eileen Murphy -- newsletter layout and design

II. Miscellaneous Announcements--Lisa Schneider

Garden Tour: The idea of a neighborhood garden tour was proposed and discussed, perhaps including a guest speaker and potluck. There seems to be general interest. Anyone interested in helping to coordinate this please contact Eric and/or Lisa.

Penguin report: At last report, the penguin in the red cap was seen having wine and tuna at a house on Skyview and cavorting with a friendly owl. Any new updates would be appreciated;-)

III. Discussion with Officer Oakmon

Officer Oakmon fielded questions and discussed general safety concerns. His position of Neighborhood Representative is fairly new, and is an attempt by the APD to better connect with the citizens. Crime in our neighborhood is fairly low. He said that if there was anything of major concern, he would definitely let us know. He also asked that when we call the police department for anything, he would appreciate also informing him so that he can put a name and face to the weekly reports that come across his desk.

In regards to the recent car theft, he said that most of the time these crimes are committed by juveniles from other neighborhoods looking for a car for joyriding.

He stressed the importance of getting license plate numbers any time there is a question of suspicious activity. He also said that we shouldn't hesitate to call the police about suspicious activities that we might witness or be concerned about. He pointed out that with the layout of our neighborhood, we have a much better sense of the normal traffic through here than any police might have. We are his eyes and ears.

He suggested sending a representative to the Commanders Forum meeting as a way to connect better with the police department.

As he said before, he'd be happy to help us set up a neighborhood watch if there is enough interest.

Officer Oakmon can be reached at 834-7909. He can also be reached by email at

Mark your calendars next meetings of the Skyview Neighborhood Association which are scheduled for:

April 10, 2001
May 8, 2001