TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2001 (7:30PM)
Fellowship Hall

In attendance: Carol Olewin, Candace Huff, Bruce Logan, Sam Staples, Lisa Mednick, Rachel Cowart, Fred Daughtry, Eric Vormelker, Stephanie Rogers, Lisa Schneider, John Gardner, Barrie Cogburn; Guest Speaker: Daysha Taylor, Hoover's Online

I. Guest Speaker -- Daysha Taylor, Hoover's

Hoover's Online, the company that has remodeled and moved into the Butter Krust bakery at the corner of Airport and Koenig, sent a representative to meet with us. She let us know what they are doing, gave us a little description of their company, and invited us to the open house they will be holding on July 12th, 5:30 - 7:30.

There were a lot of questions for her. Including:

She said they are very interested in being a contributing member of the neighborhood, and want to hear any other ideas we might have to help them be a good neighbor.

II. Smoke Testing comments

Lisa Schneider received an email from a Skyview resident who was unpleasantly surprised by a recent sewage "smoke test" which brought smoke into her house without warning. The City does these tests periodically, but usually they give some notice to all residents concerned. The resident called the City to complain. The City representative apologized for the inconvenience and said they would make every effort to make sure it doesn't happen again. She thought we should let everyone know in case it happened to anyone else.

III. National Night Out

We did some preliminary planning for a National Night Out/Skyview N.A. One Year Anniversary party on Tuesday, August 7. Ideas for location and time were discussed. A planning committee was formed. The committee will meet on Tuesday, June 19 at 7:30pm at Lisa and Eric's house. We have volunteers to coordinate entertainment, kids activities, potluck organization, and publicity; but we still need setup and cleanup coordinators and other assistance. Anyone interested in helping with this is encouraged to attend.

IV. Postman We discussed what our response should be to the news of our postman being attacked by a neighborhood dog. We decided to send out the following email composed by Carol Olewin:

Larry, our mailman, was attacked by a dog while delivering mail in our neighborhood. Larry was off work for several weeks recovering from the incident but he is back at work delivering our mail. Please join us in welcoming Larry back to work this week and let him know how much we appreciate him. A chocolate cookie, a card, a note, or just a hand shake would let Larry know we're glad to have him back.

V. Pets/Speeding -- It was brought to our attention recently that some pets have been killed by speeding vehicles in our neighborhood. We discussed the need to raise the consciousness of those that live in this neighborhood about the need to slow down and be more careful. We all committed to speak with our neighbors about driving slower in our neighborhood. We also noted this as a topic for mentioning at the National Night Out get-together, and will include reminders in upcoming newsletters. Those that were there agreed that the problem is more due to all of us that live here than to cut-through traffic.

IV. Koenig -- The short and sweet: the project funding was passed by CAMPO. The motion was carried with a friendly amendment requiring TxDOT to take action within 6 months. We discussed the need for us to keep tabs on TxDOT's progress. TxDOT agreed to receive a list of minor changes from the neighborhoods, as long as they were sent to Rep. Elliot Naishtat by Friday, June 15. We came up with a list of suggested changes, and Eric Vormelker composed a letter and sent it. The project is expected to take at least two years, and it will not be fun for us. However, we expect to get to meet with the lead engineer of the project as the start date approaches, to give us a better sense of how messy and long it will be.

Mark your calendars for the next meetings of the Skyview Neighborhood Association which are scheduled for:
July 10, 2001
August 7, 2001
September 11,2001